by Ty Brody

Week One of the PCS5 North America Group Stage is already in the books. After the opening three-day series, our current standings are set for the start of Week Two. Once all twenty-four teams have played twenty matches, the top six will earn direct invites to the PCS5 Americas Grand Final. The eight teams that place between seventh and fourteenth will play against LATAM teams in the Last Chance Qualifier for the final four spots in the Grand Final.

Some teams accomplished their goal and began the Group Stage strong, placing themselves in a great position for the start of Week Two. Other squads will have some ground to make up as they race to the finish with Grand Final aspirations at stake. The next three days determine which teams make the cut, and which have fallen short of their goal. Before we jump back into the action, let’s take a look at a couple of our Week One standouts.


Week One delivered loads of impressive plays and dramatic endings, giving us an abundance of highlights to chose from for our opening week recap. The easiest team to focus on is the current leader and defending PCS Champions, the Soniqs. Claiming three wins across their first ten matches, the Soniqs stand above the rest with eighty-eight kills to their credit. The PCS5 Americas Grand Final is just around the corner and the Soniqs appear to have returned to their full form. The team’s play thus far has already exceeded their previous performance in the ESL PUBG Masters, where the region’s strongest squad had trouble finding any rhythm.

Fresh off their ESL PUBG Masters Championship only two weeks ago, Oath has entered the PCS5 NA Group Stage with the same energy and effectiveness we’ve come to expect from them lately. The team claimed three of their own Chicken Dinners, keeping pace with the Soniqs. Collecting a total of fifty-six kills across their ten matches, Oath has settled into second place with ten matches to-go. The team’s performance on Day Three launched them towards the top of the standings, with all three wins coming over a five-match stretch. Winning three of five is an outstanding performance regardless of what you do in the other two games. When you consider that Oath placed second in the other two matches, you get a real sense of how dominant the team was during Day Three.


Arriving at the NA Group Stage via the Qualifiers, Adapt XD continues to impress at this stage of the event. Individually, this roster has experience competing under the banner of other teams. Their ability to play together is proving to be effective, but how will they finish out the Group Stage? The team did claim their first Chicken Dinner during the first ten matches, earning them a top-five position – but will that be enough to keep them in the mix?


Oath had themselves an outing to remember, wrapping up Week One with three Chicken Dinners and five top-two placements. The team finished the first half of the NA Group Stage on a high note and are in a great position to earn their invite to the PCS5 Americas Grand Final. Oath’s performance on Day Three demonstrated their ability to survive until late-game with ease and then close out matches. Assuming the team cruises into the Grand Final, you have to like the odds of Oath replicating their ESL performance in a familiar Americas lobby.


With the ESL PUBG Masters behind them, the region’s strongest team returned to play in the PCS5 NA Group Stage looking as good as ever. Soniqs picked up two wins on Day Two and added a third on Day Three, collecting eighty-eight kills over ten matches, the team closed Week One in first. It’s great to see the team performing to the best of their abilities, proving why they’re considered to be the ‘best of the West’.

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