PCS6 Americas Grand Final Results


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Just 10 days ago, 16 teams dropped into the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. Hailing from both North America and Latin America, these 16 squads fought, knocked, and fragged their way through 128 teams to the big dance.  From the open qualifiers, to the regional playoffs, and the last chance qualifier they grinded to claim their share of the $250,000 prize pool. 

With all 6 days and 30 matches having come and gone, we know now that the winner of the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas is North America’s Soniqs! They will be taking home the top prize tonight of $60,000 as well as 450 PGC points, placing them in an ideal position to be one of the 6 teams from the Americas regions who will head to the PUBG Grand Championships (PGC) later this year.

A rocky start didn’t stop Soniqs.

At the beginning of the PCS6 Americas tournament Soniqs did not quite match up to the great expectations they’ve set for themselves over their history with PUBG Esports. Only reaching the Grand Finals via the Last Chance Qualifier a few weeks ago, Soniqs had a rough first day last week and some were beginning to think they had lost their edge. That belief was quickly dispelled as Soniqs had an explosive Day 2 and continued that kill streak though week 2, winning the final match of the entire tournament.

Soniq’s closest challengers throughout the competition were Yaho and eUnited, the former of which perhaps played the most consistently persistent throughout the Grand Final, scoring at least one point in every single match. eUnited has had a similarly rocky journey to Soniqs with some very strong performances from Kickstart and Fludd but unfortunately came in 4th place overall due to some inconsistent play. One of the most surprising turns of events in these finals has been the late in the day surge from the Gascans. For a roster of players that first came together quite recently, the Gascans really surpassed expectations in week two with some stellar performances particularly from Ykikamucoww, landing them in 3rd place.  

What does this mean for the PGC later this year?

With Soniqs’ win, they are now topping the leaderboard as far as PGC points go with 545. eUnited stands in second with 380, Yaho in 3rd with 300, and Gascans in 4th with 255. There are two more major tournaments to go before PGC with ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 in July and PGC7 in September but these four teams are in a pretty strong position to qualify for PGC right now.

Of course, PGC points aren’t the only prize teams are taking home tonight as $250,000 in prize money will be doled out across all 16 teams. We know Soniqs took home the big prize but Yaho left with a hefty $35,000, Gascans with $27,000, and eUnited with $22,000. A few special prizes are being given out as well. Insane Squad, which comes with $5,000 and some sick Alienware gear went to Yaho, and the All PCS Team went to TGLTN from Soniqs, Kickstart from eUnited, Sparkingg from Yaho, and Ykikamucoww Gascans who are going home with $10,000 and a brand new M15 R7 Alienware laptop.

TGLTN is named the Alienware PCS6 MVP.

One tournament ends and another begins. Just around the corner in June is another international event, the PUBG Nations Cup (PNC). The MVPs of this tournament will get guaranteed spots on their nation’s roster and TGLTN has secured his seat for Australia’s PUBG team in the PNC this year as well as an extra $5,000 prize for kill leader. He came out of these finals with 61 elimination, 63 assists, and a staggering 13,311 knocks.

While TGLTN was the Finals’ overall MVP, the other MVPs for each represented country have also been determined. Sharpshot4k (who had some of the craziest kills in these Finals) will be representing the US, Martins4n will be repping Argentina, and the second-place team Yaho has secured two of their players as MVPs with Sparkingg representing Brazil and Shinboi representing Canada.

The PNC rosters are filled in two different ways. The #1 spot for each nation is awarded to the MVP of each respective country coming out of the PCS6 this weekend, but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spots will be decided by popular vote among pro players. If a player wants to be on their country’s PNC team they better be popular among their community. There is also a limit though to how many players from a single team (Soniqs for example) can be on their country’s PNC roster, that limit being 2. The coach of each team will then be chosen by the four players.

It has been an incredible two weeks of competition, but  PUBG Esports 2022 has only just begun.  We’ll continue with tournaments throughout the year –  so stay tuned for more coverage of your favorite teams and players!


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