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We’ve reached the final weekend of PCS6 and we are in for an exciting finish. The best 16 teams from across Latin America and North America are vying for the PCS6 Americas crown. It’s not only pride, as there’s $250,000 on the line and those ever important PGC points. Oh, did we mention the MVP also locks in their spot at the PUBG Nations Cup?

Week 1 was full of ups and downs for all the teams participating. Some had slow starts and finished out strong (Soniqs, for example), others came in hot and cooled off as the weekend progressed. Here’s where we stand going into the final weekend.

Who has the best chance of taking down Soniqs?

Soniqs built themselves a commanding lead in the later half of the first weekend and find themselves ahead of 2nd place Yaho by 27 points. That’s a decent cushion, but with 15 matches left they need to keep their foot on the gas pedal if they want to bring home the title. Yaho has the 2nd highest amount of placement points and 3rd most elimination points. This balanced performance will aid them greatly in their pursuit of the championship crown. After winning ESL Masters Phase I eUnited certainly knows what it takes to be on top but they’ll need to have a stellar weekend to catch up with Soniqs. Rounding out the top 4, Gascans are a decent way back from 1st place, so if they want to take home the title they’re going to have to put together a historic weekend of PUBG play.

MVP Race

With the first PCS of 2022 halfway through, there’s been quite a few players putting on a show for all to see. Soniq’s TGLTN is leading the way in the kills department with 36 kills – one of which was his 400th career kill. The next closest players are Yaho’s Poonage and Bing Bang Boom’s Roth both with 25 kills. Kills aren’t the end all be all of an individual’s performance, but TGLTN appears to be reaching his legendary form. MVP selection will come down to kills, assists, knocks, and damage. If Yaho ends up winning the event, look to Poonage and Balefrost to be the leading candidates for MVP from their squad as they’re topping the leaderboard for their team so far. Remember that best American, Canadian, Brazilian, Australian and Argentine this event each punch their ticket to PNC, so there’s a little extra motivation for players to have standout performances.

Prize Breakdown

Let’s take a peek at what all these teams are playing for. $250,000 is on the line with the winner’s taking home the lion’s share of the prize pool. As the weekend comes to a close, teams up and down the leaderboard will be fighting to earn even more $$$ and PGC points. Here’s the prize pool breakdown:

Keep an eye on not only the top teams but every team has the opportunity to increase their winnings by moving up the leaderboard. This is true not only for cash prizing, but also for PGC points. Here’s how those breakdown throughout the year:

PCS6 has the second most PGC points up for grabs throughout the entire year. This event is one that teams really need to perform well in to help solidify their spot at PGC.

Be sure to tune-in to the final week of PCS6 Americas Grand Final April 22-24th!  And last but certainly not least – check out the PCS6 skins available now in the in-game store!


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