PCS6 Americas Last Chance Qualifier Recap


by PUBG Esports

After a weekend of intense matches, constant changing of the leaderboards, and a final match for the ages, the PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6) Americas Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) has come to an end. With that, the PCS6 Americas Grand Final roster has been finalized! Teams Dodge, Soniqs, Nootropic, and The Rumblers have conquered the LCQ and secured their spots in the Grand Final.

These four teams battled immense competition to secure their spots. 12 matches of raging battles that could not be predicted kept players and the audience on their toes. Here’s a recap of how it all went down this weekend during the PCS6 Americas LCQ.

Day 1

The day began with Nice Try taking the first Chicken Dinner of the LCQ. Though Wildcard Gaming didn’t win the match, they scored a whopping 10 kills and set the stage for an epic showdown with The Rumblers for the fourth and final spot of the Grand Final. The Rumblers went on to score 9 kills in Match 2, taking home a Chicken Dinner in the process. They also took Match 5 with a 6 kill Chicken Dinner, contributing to their 7-point lead over Wildcard Gaming at the end of the day and tied for fourth with Nootropic.

Though their showdown was building, Day One was all about Soniqs. Soniqs closed out each map with a Chicken Dinner and would end the day at the top of the leaderboard with 39 kills and commanding 63 overall points. Spicy Fish, Dodge, and Nootropic filled the remaining Grand Final spots at the end of the day.


With Soniqs, Spicy Fish, and Dodge occupying three of the four Grand Final spots, the pressure was on them to retain it. Wildcard Gaming and Nootropics would make their plays with each getting a Chicken Dinner in the first half of the day. This created a three-way tie for third between Spicy Fish, Nootropic, and The Rumblers with Wildcard Gaming in an extremely close fourth place. At the top, Soniqs and Dodge went back and forth all day.

At the end of Match 5, Soniqs sat at the top of the leaderboard, with Dodge in a close second, Nootropic in Third, and Wildcard Gaming with an 8 point lead over The Rumblers in fourth. The razor thin margins made the final match mean everything. The tension was palpable, and the match began with game-changing bangs.

Early in the match, Soniqs was taken out under the bridge and The Rumblers were able to take out Wildcard Gaming, ensuring they wouldn’t be able to increase their lead. Dodge scored 7 kills before they were taken out which was enough to take the top spot on the leaderboard despite 0 Chicken Dinners. But even though Nootropics would go on to take the final Chicken Dinner of the LCQ with 9 kills, The Rumblers’ 10 kills and second-place finish was just enough to get them one point ahead of Wildcard Gaming and solidify their fourth-place position and their spot in PCS6 Americas Grand Final.

What’s Next?

Dodge, Soniqs, Nootropics, and The Rumblers won the largest portions of the $20,000 USD Prize Pool and the ultimate prize – the right to battle the twelve teams from the PCS6 LATAM and NA Regional Playoffs at the PCS6 Americas Grand Final.

In the PCS6 Americas Grand Final, the top 16 teams of the Americas will play for their portion of the $250,000 USD Prize Pool as well as those oh-so-glorious PGC Points. The higher they place, the more Prize Money and PGC Points the team will earn. With stakes this high, the action is guaranteed to be hot.

The PCS6 Americas Grand Final will begin in three weeks on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 4 PM PDT on Twitch.


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