PCS6 Americas NA Regional Playoff Preview


by PUBG Esports

The PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6) Regional Playoff is about to begin! The action starts at 4pm PT on Twitch.  24 teams will compete for their share of the $25,000 USD Prize Pool and for one of the six spots in the PCS6 Grand Final. Ten of the top teams who dominated in the ESL Masters Grand Final will once again face-off with 6 teams from the ESL PUBG Masters North American Regional Playoff and the top 8 victors of the Open Qualifiers thrown into the mix.

These 24 have been divided into 3 groups and will compete in 18 matches over 3 days, March 18-21. Day 1 will pit Group A against Group B, Day 2 Group B against Group C, Day 3 Group A against Group C. The top 6 teams with the most points will take home the largest shares of the Prize Money and secure their spot in the PCS6 Americas Grand Final, with teams in 7-14th place meeting the similarly placed teams from LATAMin the Last Chance Qualifier to compete for for the final 4 spots in the Grand Final.

The Favorites

eUnited are the current ESL PUBG Masters Americas Champion. They were at the top of the leaderboard more often than not they weren’t during the ESL PUBG Masters so it seems natural they will continue to perform well in the regional playoffs.

Then, in Second Place from the ESL PUBG Masters Americas, there is Shoot To Kill. They only lost by 5 points and had 10 more kills than eUnited. With Shoot to Kill in a separate grouping than eUnited, and if their high kills also combine with Chicken Dinners, they could easily make a play for the top spot.

4 Runners had a very comfortable first-place finish in the Open Qualifiers. However, they will be playing against 16 other teams who have all played days of matches against each other at the highest level, giving them an obvious disadvantage. But, if they keep their kill counts strong, 16 more teams could just mean 64 more players to score points off of.

The Underdogs

It feels wrong to call Soniqs an underdog, but they just happen to be shy of the top spot in the ESL PUBG Masters. However, they are consistently in the top spots on the leaderboards and are great at adapting. The time from the last competition could have given them the edge they need to solidify their victory this time around.

Team Veritas is a team with something to prove. In the ESL PUBG Masters North America Regional Playoff, they were a measly 1 point away from going to the Grand Final. Being that close is sure to have lit a fire in their guts to go all the way this time.

Then there’s Wildcard Gaming with their storied Phase 1 journey. They missed out on an invitation to the PCS6 Regional Playoffs by 5 points in the ESL PUBG Masters Regional Playoff. Now that they have battled their way back through the Open Qualifiers, they’re sure to be hungry to move on to the Grand Final. 

With how different the playstyles in the Open Qualifiers have been, how drastically groupings affected the outcome, and how driven the players are, the PCS6 Americas NA Regional Playoff could be anybody’s game. Sometimes all it takes is that one odd combination of people and circumstances to change the game entirely. Strap in and get ready for a weekend of intense Battleground competitions! 

PCS6 North America Regional Playoffs begins 3 days of epic matches starting today Friday, March 18, 2022, at 4 PM PDT.


PCS6 North America Regional Playoff will be broadcasted live on:

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