PCS7 LCQ Recap


by PUBG Esports

Sixteen teams from North America and Latin America fought on the digital battlefield over the weekend in the PUBG Continental Series 7’s Last Chance Qualifier. Four teams, two from each region, have secured a ticket to the Grand Final in September. 

The Last Chance Qualifier was the final chance that teams had to qualify for the Grand Final. These teams have already fought in their respective Regional Playoff. Each squad will have to face off against the teams that already knocked them out of the action once. 

Who made it out of the Last Chance Qualifier? 

Eight teams from each region fought over the course of 12 matches from Aug. 27 to 28. Two teams from each region have emerged to make it to the Grand Final. Everyone else will have to call it quits for the PUBG Continental Series 7. 

Bing Bang Boom, the squad that took home first place, and The Rumblers, emerged from North America. Peak FA and EosGURI will be added to the list of teams representing Latin America in the Grand Final. Each team took home a chunk of the Last Chance Qualifier’s $20,000 prize pool. 

Bing Bang Boom finished the tournament with an impressive 115 points, 78 of which were earned through kills. This is a huge improvement over the 66 points this North American squad earned in the Regional Playoff. Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez and company have earned another chance to compete at the highest level of PUBG.

Peak FA, a squad of Brazilians, found themselves 20 points down the leaderboard in second place. It was clear from the first match – a round where Peak FA earned 8 kills and a chicken dinner – that this team was putting it all on the line for a spot in the Grand Final. 

How to Watch

The Grand Final will take place from Sept. 16 to 25. The first of 30 matches will kick off at 4:00 p.m. PDT. All the Grand Final action will be broadcast on the official PUBG Twitch channel. PCS7 is one of the final competitive PUBG tournaments of the year so stay tuned for all of the remaining action. 

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