PGC 2021: A View Around the World


by PUBG Esports

As we march towards the biggest PUBG Esports event of the year, we take a look at eight rosters from across the globe that Europe will have its eye on!

It’s nearly time for the PUBG Global Championship 2021. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

On Friday 19 November, 32 of the world’s finest PUBG Esports rosters will embark on a month-long journey where they’ll go face-to-face, toe-to-toe and dinner-to-dinner to try and prove themselves as the world’s best. On top of taking home the most prestigious PUBG Esports title on the planet right now, teams will also be battling for the $2 million+ USD prize pot… this is going to get hectic. 

As Europe coaches perfect their last minute tactics, and rosters warm up with their final pre-tournament scrims, we take a look across the other regions to see how teams compare to their Europe-based counterparts.

Team: Soniqs

Region: Americas

Comparable to:

It’s probably fair to say Soniqs are the strongest team coming out of the Americas right now, and debatably the best roster in the world. An incredibly successful 2021 has seen them take home the PCS4 Americas title, finish runner up at PCS5 Americas, and most notably win global event PGI.S at the start of the year. 

It’s no surprise when you look at the fragging power they’ve got in their ranks, hwinn, Shrimzy and M1me are all operating at the absolute highest level right now, and TGLTN could potentially be one of the best in the world.

All this makes a match up with a mouthwatering ‘Americas v Europe’ prospect. Led by experienced IGL BatulinS – who has won an outrageous four PCS titles – the roster scooped up two back-to-back PCS wins this year. 

Reminiscent of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, it’s sure to be a fascinating battle when these two get going!

Team: Petrichor Road

Region: Asia

Comparable to: Natus Vincere

Petrichor Road have not been messing around this year! They’ve been organised, ruthless, explosive and agile which has led them down the road to success – a PCS4 and PCS5 Asia title is a fine testament to just how good they’ve been. 

A fruitful 2021 will undoubtedly make them even hungrier, and we can’t expect them to slow down as we reach the biggest tournament of the year. 

Their confidence as a team is recognizable in Natus Vincere, a top side also brimming with PUBG Esports talent. Natus Vincere are yet to win a PCS tournament, but like Petrichor Road they’ve a certain swagger when they hit the Battlegrounds and they’ve got the experience to go all the way. 

Petrichor Road have had more success of recent, that’s undeniable, but Natus Vincere will likely look to the roster as a fine example of what you can achieve when you get it right. Will they make their mark at PGC 2021? We will know soon enough…

Team: TSM

Region: Americas

Comparable to: Team Liquid

Ok there is a little bit of history with this one. Well, actually, there is a lot of history with this one. Back in 2020, TSM fought off the competition to be crowned PCS1 Europe champions. Fast-forward a year and the popular org are now plying their trade in the Americas region. They’ve looked sharp at PCS4 and PCS5, and don’t forget their roster won PCS1 Americas when representing Shoot To Kill. We all know what they’re capable of, so you wouldn’t bet against them going all the way at PGC 2021..

Team Liquid haven’t got their hands on a major PCS title – but they’ve come close and are also more than capable of dominating the Battlegrounds and making themselves heard. Fans in Europe know only too well what the likes of jeemzz, ibiza, mxey and clib can achieve – it’s now time for them to show the rest of the world. 

Team: Attack All Around

Region: APAC

Comparable: ENCE

In Attack All Around and ENCE we have two tight-knit rosters who gel strongly on the Battlegrounds. The teammates trust one another, and have a strong connection which has served them well over the course of 2021. 

And the comparisons don’t stop there. These teams have been knocking on the door at PCS 4 and 5, showing flashes of brilliance but not quite having what it takes to break into the top 5. Both rosters will be disappointed at that, but they’re learning and growing stronger all the time and will back themselves in the coming month. 

Team: Gen.G

Region: Asia

Comparable: FaZe Clan

On their day, what we have here is two absolute PUBG Esports juggernauts. Two powerhouses who boast one of the largest fan bases in their region. No one will be looking forward to squaring off with them on the Battlegrounds, but we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that they’ll have sights on one another when the parachutes land and the battles start to take shape. 

Despite being such strong teams, both sides have performed a little within themselves recently. After a superb PGI.S performance, where Gen.G finished in third place, the roster slowed down and earnt their spot at PGC 2021 through PWS Phase 2, as they didn’t accumulate enough PGC Points.

In a similar vein, FaZe Clan also didn’t play to their full potential, securing their place at PGC 2021 late on – and thanks to strong performances in the latter stages of PCS5 Europe. 

Will the rosters be back this month with a bang?

Team: KPI Gaming

Region: Americas

Comparable to: Unique

In PUBG Esports we tend to look at experienced orgs with a history of competing at the highest level as the favorites heading into big tournaments, but don’t forget newer orgs who you may know less about. Take KPI Gaming for example, PCS 5 was the first major tournament for the roster who previously represented FIUMBA. They certainly hit the ground running, sweeping aside their opposition to finish in a very respectable fourth place. 

Over in Europe it’s a similar story with Unique who picked up the Question Mark roster that finished in third place at PCS5. Some fans may remember Unique from past events, and they’ll be excited to remind everyone what they’re capable of!

Team: FURY

Region: APAC

Comparable to: BBL Esports

Every tournament has its favourites, and by definition each must have its underdogs as well. Both FURY and BBL Esports are good, competitive sides who can compete with the very best – however not many would be tipping them to win PGC 2021. 

But are they being underestimated, is it too early to say how they will fare? The beauty of PUBG Esports is it is full of surprises. Take PGI.S, for example, not many fans or Talents were expecting Digital Athletics to be the strongest performing Europe roster. 

If there is one thing that inspires top PUBG Esports stars, it is being doubted. So don’t be shocked if FURY and BBL Esports TURN UP at PGC 2021 and prove a few people wrong!

Team: Spacestation Gaming

Region: Americas

Comparable to: HEROIC

Here we have two rosters with something to prove, and what better place to do it than the world’s biggest stage. For Spacestation Gaming it is about catapulting themselves up the leader board. They’re going in the right direction, and one big push from players Roth, Sharpshot, Keenan and Oldless could see them really make a splash at PGC 2021.

For HEROIC, it’s about taking the next step. They’ve been consistent in 2021, something that is easier said than done, but now they’ll be pumped to step onto the Battlegrounds and break the top 5 – something that alluded them at this year’s PCS tournaments. 

They’re both teams packed with grit, passion and flare – keep a close eye on them!

Remember, you can watch all of the PGC 2021 action LIVE on PUBG Esports’ official YouTube and Twitch channels. The tournament kicks off on November 19th, matches start from 13:00 KST / 05:00 CET / 8 pm PST

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