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PGI.S Weekly Series is in full swing featuring 32 PUBG Esports teams from 8 global regions. In PGI.S, “survival” is the core of competition!

In Weekly survival, teams must outlast each other in 16 Weekly Survival matches-each WWCD sends that team immediately to the Weekly Final.

In Weekly Final, teams compete for cash! The team with the most cash at the end is deemed PGI.S Champion.

On Feb 20-21st, PGI.S will broadcast redemption round Bottom16 matches at 1PM KST and Weekly Final at 7PM KST! Stay tuned for PUBG Esports action to come!


Another Round of Weekly Survival offered a fresh start for teams working their way up the cash ladder!

The PGI.S Weekly Final #2 will welcome 6 new surviving teams from Weekly Survival: Multi Circle Gaming, who ranked #32 in Week 1, Daytrade Gaming, ENCE, Buriram United Esports, Zenith Esports, and Global Esports Xsset. The latter 4 teams all qualified on Day 3 of Weekly Survival, shutting out some fan favorites. Soniqs, FaZe Clan, TSM, and Furia will not be returning to Weekly Final!

Will the gap between Shoot To Kill, Afreeca Freecs, and the rest of the pack widen?Or could we be blindsided by the next Champion team in the making!?


In Match 1, TSG and FaZe Clan made a point to target Week 1 Prize Rank leader Afreeca Freecs. They showed up to play! Ultimately, Shoot To Kill came out on top against Oath and FaZe Clan, adding $10,000 to their prize pool! As expected, insane grenade kills and occasional 1v4 wipes crept into play and you could feel the energy in the circle! consistently placed in the end of matches but every time, fell to the other team’s determination and luck!

  • Match 1: Shoot to Kill (NA)-$10,000
  • Match 2: Team Liquid (EU)-$6,000
  • Match 3: Gen.G (KR)-$5,000
  • Match 4: TSG (CN)-$4,000
  • Match 5: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)-$3,000


After Day 1, North American and European teams seem to have fallen to the wayside, paralyzed by the competition since the Weekly Final. In the end, what matters most is the chicken dinner winner! Teams like continued to show their strengths, DWG KIA consistently wiped teams and received fan cheer, and Soniqs’ TGLTN lined up shots-the big wins weren’t in reach!

In an incredible turn compared to Weekly Survival #1, Oath was the only Western team to secure the bag into Weekly Final as Southeast Asia, China, and Korea teams dominated.

  • Match 6: infantry (CN)-$2,000
  • Match 7: Afreeca Freecs (KR)-$1,000
  • Match 8: Attack All Around (SEA)-$1,000
  • Match 9: Four Angry Men (CN)
  • Match 10: Oath (NA)
  • Match 11: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)


The pressure was mounting as we moved into Day 3!You could feel the desperation in team’s actions to crack the code of survival.Avoiding teams, long snake positions, holding compounds, guessing the next circle-all strategies that teams tested throughout the final 5 matches in Weekly Survival!

On Match 1, another Los Leones circle popped it’s head into the tournament. On Phase 4,16 teams still remained even with 16 minutes into the match. It was sure to be madness and the bloodbath did not disappoint! Finally-teams that have been consistently placing at the top-ENCE,, and Buriram United Esports, made their way to Weekly Finals! Buriram United Esports specifically kept placing higher and higher each match, finally securing victory with a 2v1 Conaxy play! Global Esports Xsset played only 2 Weekly Survival matches, clutching the ring movement and won in the final match.

  • Match 12: ENCE (EU)
  • Match 13: (EU)
  • Match 14: Buriram United Esports (SEA)
  • Match 15: Zenith Esports (US)
  • Match 16: Global Esports Xsset (TPE)


The Pick’Em Challenge lets you support your favorite teams directly! Each week you can participate in Weekly Pick’em Challenge events and redeem Voting Coupons to wear bold PGI.S gear in your next lobby.

Weekly Pick’Em Challenges close on Saturday at 7PM KST and immediately reset for the next week of challenges! Make sure to stay tuned to PGI.S Recaps and social media for the latest information affecting your Pick’Em Challenge votes!

Don’t forget! You must claim your Weekly Pick’Em Challenge on Tuesday! Check out the calendar below

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