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The third PGI.S Weekly Series is in full swing as our 16 PUBG Esports teams head into Weekly Final Week 3 where they’ll compete for huge cash payouts!

On Feb 27th and 28th, PGI.S  Bottom16 matches will be broadcast at 1 PM KST and Weekly Final at 7 PM KST!


Another Round of Weekly Survival matches will pit 16 teams against each other for the $100,000 Weekly Final Week 3 prize! At the end of PGI.S, the team with the most money wins the Championship, so big payouts are much needed at this stage!

The PGI.S Weekly Final #3 welcomes 3 newcomer teams: T1, Tianba Esports, and LG Divine! Will one of these hungry competitors be able to take the large prize pool at the end of 10 matches?! With Weekly Final Week 2 winning team Four Angry Men unable to secure a spot in Week 3, the prize ranking is bound to shake up..
Can Afreeca Freecs capitalize on the moment with their consistent play to blow past the competition? Does Shoot to Kill have what it takes to shut them down?!

Teams lucky enough to secure a Weekly Final position in Weeks 1-3 are Team Liquid, Gen.G, Oath,, Afreeca Freecs, Shoot To Kill, and Triumphant Song Gaming.


In Match 1, Gen.G’s 2-man squad ended up outlasting a full-team Afreeca Freecs and weakened infantry as the two teams duked it out! Gen.G’s Esther and Ionix wiped infantry before charging Afreeca Freecs through the smoke for an impressive win! European teams Team Liquid and succeeded in repeating Weekly Final wins on Day 1, as Oath and Daytrade Gaming filled the gaps for the first 5 teams to find safety. With an extra stack of cash in each team’s pool, they rest easy until the Weekly Final!

  • Match 1: Gen.G (KR)-$10,000
  • Match 2: Team Liquid (EU)-$6,000
  • Match 3: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)-$5,000
  • Match 4: Oath (NA)-$4,000
  • Match 5: (EU)-$3,000


Zenith Esports kicked off Day 2 with an insane 22-kill WWCD, tapping potential that fans knew existed in the North American team! In a tense 4-vs-4 on Match 7 between T1 and Buriram United Esports, T1’s Adder pulls the final kill with an unheard of DBS hip-fire! After a few hot-drops featuring Four Angry Men vs Digital Athletics and LATAM’s Meta Gaming wows the crowd with grenade team wipes in Match 8 and 9, FaZe Clan scores a utility-powered dinner against infantry and Afreeca Freecs out-plays Soniqs! European teams show up to round out Day 2, welcome ENCE and Natus Vincere to the Weekly Final!

  • Match 6: Zenith Esports (NA)-$2,000
  • Match 7: T1 (KR)-$1,000
  • Match 8: FaZe Clan (EU)-$1,000
  • Match 9: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
  • Match 10: ENCE (EU)
  • Match 11: Natus Vincere (EU)


Shoot to Kill, 3rd on the Prize Ranking Leaderboard at the end of Week 2, showed up to take the first match of the day! The rest of Weekly Survival Day 3 resonated heavily with Chinese teams as Tianba Esports won Match 13 after being in Weekly Survival for only 3 matches! Triumphant Song Gaming and Multi Circle Gaming secured the WWCD for Match 14 and 16, respectively. LG Divine, a power house from SEA region, will be entering their first Weekly Final after a Match 15 win with 19 kills! Will LG Divine’s Turtle, Leviz, Junnn, and JEnd make a mark in Weekly Final?!

For PCS ASIA fans, seeing Tianba Esports and Gen.G in the Weekly Final might bring back some memories of their rivalry. Before Weekly Survival, Tianba Esports made it a point to say they’ll be seeing Gen.G in the Weekly Final! Could we see a hotdrop incoming on Gen.G’s favored South George location? Will they be able to rise above the pressure from Tianba Esports?!

  • Match 12: Shoot To Kill (NA)
  • Match 13: Tianba Esports (CN)
  • Match 14: Triumphant Song Gaming (CN)
  • Match 15: LG Divine (SEA)
  • Match 16: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)


The  Pick’Em Challenge  lets you support your favorite teams directly! Each week you can participate in Weekly Pick’em Challenge events and redeem Voting Coupons to wear bold PGI.S gear in your next lobby.

Weekly Pick’Em Challenges close on Saturday at 7PM KST and immediately reset for the next week of challenges! Make sure to stay tuned to PGI.S Recaps and social media for the latest information affecting your Pick’Em Challenge votes!

Stay tuned! The  PGI.S Survival Tournament  hosted during Week 4, March 5th-7th!

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