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After the Survival Tournament last weekend, the PGI.S Weekly Series is back with Week 4! Getting back into high gear during Weekly Survival proved difficult for some teams, but opened the doors for new teams to thrive headed into Weekly Final!

On March 12-13th, PGI.S will broadcast redemption round Bottom16 matches at 1 PM KST and Weekly Final at 7 PM KST! Stay tuned for PUBG Esports action to find out where your favorite teams place.


When we ended the Week 3 Weekly Series, FaZe Clan was at the top of the Prize Rank leaderboard after having scored $100,000 Pick’Em Challenge crowdfunding thanks to a 96-point showing on the standings!


However, when the Week 4 Weekly Survival was all said and done, FaZe Clan alongside and Shoot to Kill, failed to secure their placement in the upcoming Weekly Final. In PGI.S end-game, this may pave the way for new leaders to emerge in the tournament.

The PGI.S Weekly Final Week 4 will welcome 3 new surviving teams from Weekly Survival-Petrichor Road, Digital Athletics, and Meta Gaming.
This week marks the first time that, Triumphant Song Gaming, and Shoot to Kill won’t be seen in the Weekly Final-leaving just Team Liquid, Oath, Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs as the only 4 teams to go 100 % on Weekly Final participation.


In Match 1, Gen.G had a standout match with 10 kills to easily send them into the safe zone until Weekly Final. Gen.G beat out an Oath-Triumphant Song Gaming encounter as the final 3 teams! Teams played aggressively, weakening themselves before the end game. The teams who stuck out as a unit were able to deliver in the final moments! Teams from the Americas failed to make a mark in Day 1.

  • Match 1: Gen.G (KR)-$10,000
  • Match 2: ENCE (EU)-$6,000
  • Match 3: T1 (KR)-$5,000
  • Match 4: Tianba Esports (CN)-$4,000
  • Match 5: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)-$3,000


After Day 1, Soniqs decided to show up in a 14-kill WWCD against The North American fan-favorite hasn’t seen a Weekly Final since the first Weekly Series! Teams to score a ticket to the Weekly Final included 3 Chinese teams-Petrichor Road, Multi Circle Gaming, and previous Prize Rank leader, infantry.

In PGI.S Weekly Survival-to live is to outlast!

  • Match 6: Soniqs (NA)-$2,000
  • Match 7: Petrichor Road (CN)-$1,000
  • Match 8: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)-$1,000
  • Match 9: NAVI (EU)
  • Match 10: Zenith Esports (NA)
  • Match 11: infantry (CN)


For teams still in Weekly Final qualifiers, the reality sets in on Day 3 heavily compared to Days 1 and 2. You can feel the desperation in the team’s strategies to find the final moments of survival ability. Playing close and full squad, with plenty of throwables and angles covered, is key! We even see teams guess the next circle or rotate fully to loot outside of their “home” drops.

With only 5 spots left and plenty of teams interested in a win, Day 3 started in a blaze! In Match 12, Oath was the full squad next to Afreeca Freecs and LG Divine. Team Liquid ended Match 13 with 14-kills and the chicken dinner against FaZe Clan, Four Angry Men, and K7 Esports! Afreeca Freecs ended up in the final two teams during Matches 14 and 15, offering a great show for viewers against Digital Athletics and FaZe Clan, respectively. Digital Athletics outplayed Afreeca Freecs in Match 14, but AF came back in Match 15 to prove their determination!

At the end of Day 3, Meta Gaming pulled an insane push uphill on FaZe Clan as ENTER FORCE.36, FaZe Clan, and Meta Gaming had full-squad standoffs!

  • Match 12: Oath (NA)
  • Match 13: Team Liquid (EU)
  • Match 14: Digital Athletics (EU)
  • Match 15: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
  • Match 16: Meta Gaming (LATAM)


The Bottom 16 features a few new faces and will allow teams to set themselves up for success in the next Weekly Survival! With previous Weekly Series winning teams FaZe Clan and Four Angry Men in the Bottom 16 alongside, Triumphant Song Gaming, Shoot to Kill, DWG KIA, and other big names-it’s sure to be a FIERCE competition.

Prize Rank leaders aren’t going to want to sacrifice their position on the cash leaderboard for long.Bottom16 is especially important for the higher ranking teams in Week 4, as the better they play in Bottom 16, the sooner they’re able to start playing to secure next week’s Weekly Final!

Catch the Bottom16 on March 12 and 13th at 1 PM KST / 5AM CET / 8PM PST!


Make sure to vote for Weekly Chicken Dinner Winners and Top 4 in the Pick’Em Challenge for Weekly Final Week 4 before Match 1 on Saturday, March 12th, at 7PM KST!

Your Final 16 teams entering the battle for $150,000 during Week 4:


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