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After more than 6 weeks of intense PUBG Esports action including Rank Decision matches, Survival Tournament, and 6 PGI.S Weekly Series, the Final 16 have claimed their spot in the concluding PGI.S Weekly Final!

All 5 previous Weekly Final winning teams are in this weekend’s lobby and it is as stacked as ever.PGI.S rewards the survivor as total prize earnings increase week over week in the Weekly Final.

The team to secure the most cash is deemed master of survival-having competed successfully in Weekly Survival matches, working their way to Weekly Final, and solidifying themselves as our new PGI.S Champion!

Join us on March 27th and 28th, for the final 10 PGI.S matches broadcasted live with musical guest Ailee, interviews with winning teams, and more!

This is the last week to vote in Pick’Em Challenge-remember to use your EP on sweet skins before April 14th or forfeit your hard-earned rewards.


The PGI.S Week 5 Weekly Series was resolved with an impressive Gen.G win! At the end of the weekend, the Korean team towered over the Prize Rank leaderboard-having earned over $880,000.Underdog teams with incredible fan support, Digital Athletics and META GAMING were in 2nd and 3rd place at $377,000 and $375,000 earnings, respectively. Unfortunately, the Week 5 Top 10 Prize Ranking teams are not included in the upcoming Weekly Final: Digital Athletics, META GAMING, and

Gen.G, Oath, and Afreeca Freecs impressed the crowd with having secured 6 out of 6 Weekly Final placements!


Noticeably, no teams who qualified for the concluding Weekly Final were new entries! This lobby is PGI.S veterans only with every team having secured a Weekly Final at least twice.


The energy was high, the chat was hype, and casters were on their seats watching teams enter the Weekly Survival with hopes of winning a ticket to arguably the most important PGI.S Weekly Final.

In a Final 4 between Tianba esports, META GAMING, Afreeca Freecs, and Multi Circle Gaming, a consistent Multi Circle Gaming took the first chicken dinner as Afreeca Freecs threw down most kills and damage in the round!

Match 2 was a story of Oath’s capability as they crushed team after team and managed to end up in the Top 2 of the match with 17 total kills!Even as they showed their strength, Oath took a loss to Gen.G’s patient Inonix snagged the WWCD in a 2v1 masterful PUBG play.

Intensity mounted throughout Matches 3-5 as Daytrade Gaming 3v4’s T1 in Match 3, Soniqs held full-squad positioning in Match 4 against, and Tianba esports holds off 3 teams as a duo in Match 5.

  • Match 1: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)-$10,000
  • Match 2: Gen.G (KR)-$6,000
  • Match 3: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)-$5,000
  • Match 4: Soniqs (NA)-$4,000
  • Match 5: Tianba esports (CN)-$3,000


Easier said than done, teams must fight the temptation to play aggressively in Weekly Survival, else weakening themselves before the end game.In PGI.S Weekly Survival-to live is to outlast!

infantry’s first-match win capitalized on insane throwables, positioning, and patience from LongSkr against DivisionX Gaming and Buriram United Esports. LongSkr gunned down 2 members of Buriram United Esports, ‘naded for the wipe, and then took on DivisionX Gaming IQ500 in a 1v1!

Buriram United Esports made the comeback after the last match in a standoff against Oath and NAVI in Match 7, ending up with 14-kills and the chicken dinner. DivisionX Gaming followed suit in avenging their team from their major Match 6 loss, playing strong into a final 3v3 against Digital Athletics. Gen.G came back with a vengeance in Match 8, make sure to not miss the opportunity in a 4vs4 against Daytrade Gaming.

The North American standoff that ended Match 9 was between Zenith and Shoot to Kill-the tactical play was astounding! Zenith took the chicken dinner with 10-kills in the round! Shoot to Kill wasn’t down, their aggression mounting in Match 10 against ENCE! The last NA team who needed to secure Weekly Fina was Oath-who delivered a huge 14-kill WWCD to finish Day 2. Three NA teams took the last three wins-proving the region’s power in the lobby!

  • Match 6: infantry (CN)-$2,000
  • Match 7: Buriram United Esports (SEA)-$1,000
  • Match 8: DivisionX Gaming (SEA)-$1,000
  • Match 9: Zenith (NA)
  • Match 10: Shoot to Kill (NA)
  • Match 11: Oath (NA)


Before Day 3, PGI.S celebrated officially passing the $6,000,000 total prize earnings mark thanks to crowd-funding in the Pick’Em Challenge!

With only 5 spots left in play, teams threw down all their efforts to claim a WWCD on Day 3!At the start of Day 3, none of the European teams-FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, NAVI, or had scored a win. ENCE, amongst their European counterparts, tried their hardest in Match 12-graciously collecting 17-kills in the match but falling to the Final 4. Four Angry Men ended up taking the win against a determined DetonatioN Gaming.

Afreeca Freecs ended Match 13 with 9-kills and the chicken dinner against Digital Athletics in a tense standoff that highlighted the importance of positioning in the final blue zone phases.

T1 ended up as the only full squad in Match 14, destroying Petrichor Road and’s hopes for the Weekly Final.

With only 2 games remaining in Weekly Survival, the European region looked like it was defeated! Casters and fans were dumbfounded, hopeful to see the region known for its dynamic play secure a win today.

At the end of Day 3, EU delivered as FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, arguably the biggest names in European esports secured the final two places ahead of Weekly Final.

  • Match 12: Four Angry Men (CN)
  • Match 13: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
  • Match 14: T1 (KR)
  • Match 15: FaZe Clan (EU)
  • Match 16: Team Liquid (EU)


Six weeks of PUBG Esports comes down to this. Your favorite teams in the Final 16 need your support-shout them out on social media, spam their name in the chat, and vote in the final Pick’Em Challenge!

The PGI.S Grand Finale will premiere on March 27th at 7 PM KST / 11 AM CET / 3 AM PDT! Catch PGI.S Show one hour before the broadcast for a special performance by Korean-American pop star AILEE!

Make sure to vote for Weekly Top 4 Teams and Chicken Dinner Winners in the Pick’Em Challenge before Match 1 kicks off!


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