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With PNC 2022 a couple of weeks away, we’ve been closely reviewing each of the 16 teams competing in the upcoming tournament. From their selection process, to their individual player stats, to their history in international events, we’re doing our best to anticipate how we think teams will perform when nations clash in Bangkok on June 16th. One element we have not yet considered though, is each nation’s coach. A coach is obviously a critical role in any PUBG match, but these coaches have a particularly difficult challenge heading into PNC. Most of the players on each PNC team do not normally compete together, meaning coaches will need to foster cooperation and teamwork on a very advanced timeframe. To get an idea of their strategy and approach to this task, we’ve interviewed the four different Americas coaches.  Next up is team Canada’s Didz from FaZe Clan.

How is it to be chosen as your country’s coach for PNC 2022?

It’s obviously a big honor to be able to represent Canada on the world stage in PNC 2022. I had the opportunity to coach the previous PNC 2019 roster and we managed to finish on the podium with a 3rd place overall. I’ll be aiming to try and replicate another great event for Team Canada, with the ultimate goal of course being to win the whole thing.

Can you tell me a little bit about your players?

The players we have on the team are all players I am quite familiar with. I’ve met each of them in the past in person and one of them is actually someone I live with and see every single day. My brother Adam is the IGL for a top team in the Americas, Wildcard Gaming (formerly Gascans). Nolan (Shinboi) has proven to be a consistent top player in the Americas region playing on Yaho. Jeremy (Keenan) is a solid core piece in the powerhouse Bing Bang Boom roster. And Brandon (f1nna) has managed to lead his team, Dodge, to some very respectable finishes in recent Americas events.

What are your roster’s main strengths?

I believe our roster’s main strengths are our mentality, our maturity, and our strong PUBG game-sense. We have players with a good amount of experience in big events. We may not have any players that are considered ‘superstars’ like some of the other Nations Cup teams do, but we definitely have an overall solid group who know how to handle themselves in an event like this. PUBG is a team game after all, and I think we have a balanced mix of talent that is very passionate about representing Canada.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with regard to the team?

My main role is to keep the team on task and focused on the right things that will lead us to perform well. With such a short amount of time leading up to the event, I’m focused on preparing them mentally, as well as just building that team chemistry that is going to be pivotal in a tournament with purely makeshift teams.

What are the unique challenges related to coaching a national roster in comparison to a regular team?

As stated in the previous question, the main challenge is the time constraint of the event being so soon. I’ve got players coming from all different teams that have limited history playing together. They each have slightly different approaches to the game and are used to the way that their seasonal rosters play. So it’s all about doing the most with the time we have and aiming to help them gel together well.

How have you been devising your strategy for the event?

We’ve been scrimming a lot and talking as a team about what the other teams might be doing when we get to Thailand. I think we’ve got some great PUBG minds on the team and a group of guys that are more than willing to put in the hours outside of the game to make sure that we are prepared heading into the tournament.

Do your tactics differ as the players do not normally compete together?

I think with players coming from 4 different teams, it was a given that we would run into slightly different approaches and ideas. But with some simple conversations, we’ve been able to discuss and adjust things as needed.

Are the team gelling well together, how do you build a strong team ethos?

These guys probably get along with each other about as well as I could ask, given they are normally rivals. They are all very respectful and passionate about representing Canada on the global stage. They have come together as a team with the goal of bringing home the best result possible for our country.

Tensions can run high at such a big event, how do you ensure the players keep their cool?

We’ve spoken about this a few times already and I’m very confident we’ll be able to deal with the high tension with no issue. The experience these guys have is a big asset in that regard. They have a strong understanding of how important it is to keep a positive mentality throughout the entire event. And if anything gets out of hand, that’s where I can easily step in and smooth things out.

Which nations do you think have the strongest players?

I think China has the strongest individual players. I think every single one of their players is considered world-class. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the strongest team.

Do you think different countries/regions have different styles? If so, how? Can you see any rivalries developing amongst the different nations?

I think every team will differ in playstyle slightly at the very least. I can’t really speak too much about the other teams as I haven’t seen them in action yet though. Not too sure about rivalries either. Every team is just going to be wanting to do the best they can for their country.

Final Thoughts: Any fan message/request for support/anything else you want the community to know.

I think the PUBG Nations Cup is one of the best events when it comes to promoting PUBG Esports globally, because national pride is on the line and fans can support a team simply because they are representing their home country. It’s like the World Cup, but for PUBG. I appreciate all the fans whether they support Team Canada or not. And I can’t wait to get to Thailand and for the tournament to start!

Keep up with the other coaches as we share our interviews with them in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to watch PNC 2022 from June 16-19th.


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