Practice beats talent, Sharpshot4K – PLAYER_X EP6 | PNC 2022


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PUBG Esports pro players strive for survival and great glory! The “PLAYER_X” interview series has returned to meet the pro players from around the world, looking deeper into their lives and dreams. The sixth PLAYER_X interview is about Daniel “Sharpshot4K” Hernandez of Bing Bang Boom. Keep reading to learn this player’s life as a pro.

※ This interview was held before PNC 2022.

Nice to meet you. Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sharpshot4K: Hi, guys. I’m Sharpshot4K. I play for Bing Bang Boom. And I joined Team USA for the “PUBG Nations Cup 2022.”

How would you describe yourself as an esports pro player, especially regarding your role in the team?

Sharpshot4K: I enjoy playing the game a lot. As a member of the team, I’m more of the first person who goes into fight. I always want to be the first one to fight.

What does your nickname mean?

Sharpshot4K: I love to play basketball and basketball video games. My style in the basketball video game is a sharpshooter. I always shoot threes. That’s where my nickname came from.

Which player do you like the most in the NBA?

Sharpshot4k: Stephen Curry.

Do you remember the first day when you ever played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS? What about the day when you first got the Chicken Dinner?

Sharpshot4K: Although I don’t remember clearly, I think it was during an alpha test. I mean, it wasn’t even the beta. And I’m pretty sure I won the very first game I played. It’s because back then nobody was good, and I came from the H1Z1 esports.

You’ve been playing PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS for a while, and you also played a lot of other shooters, too. In your opinion, what’s the best part of this game as an entertainment content?

Sharpshot4K: My favorite part is battle royale. I’m a big fan of “The Hunger Games.” And when I was like 12 years old, I also liked video games a lot. So, what I did was to find a video game that was like The Hunger Games and that turned out to be the Hunger Games in Minecraft. After that, when I got a little older, I played H1Z1. I just always loved battle royale games. And in that sense, I think PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is the best battle royale so far.

There are several other battle royale shooters and what do you think makes PUBG: BATTLEGROUNS stand out from all the others?

Sharpshot4K: The biggest thing is its gun mechanics. The guns themselves and the way they feel in gunplay. They’re just feel so realistic.

What was your dream when you were a child?

Sharpshot4K: To become an esports pro.

Really? Do you remember your first experience of “esports” when you were younger?

Sharpshot4K: I think it was from a TV show. It was about people in a high school academy and everyone there wanted to be esports pros. And I wanted to do that, too.

So, you wanted to live competitive, right?

Sharpshot4K: Yeah. I’m always competitive. I loved playing competitive sports, like baseball and basketball. But when I was a third grader, I broke my leg. I used to run very fast but after that happened, I couldn’t do that anymore. So, what I did was to switch to competitive games, which I really like.

What made you decide to become a PUBG Esports pro player?

Sharpshot4K: My love for battle royale. When I first played Minecraft and H1Z1, I realized what I wanted to do: to go pro in battle royale. And when I saw PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS came out, and when I saw a lot of esports happening out there, I knew I would be a pro.

What are the best and the worst parts of being an esports pro?

Shartpshot4K: The best part is coming out to places like here, in Thailand or in Korea, competing and meeting people who love to watch us compete. The worst part is being stuck indoors and having to practice every day by yourself, grinding to maintain.

What kind of person you are when you’re not playing games?

Sharpshot4K: I spend a lot of time with my family. I think I’m a very family-oriented person.

Are you living with a big family?

Sharpshot4K: At home, I live with my mom, my grandmother, and my brother. And then my uncle, my aunt and my cousins live nearby. And right now, back home one of uncles is visiting from Cuba. I go to Cuba a lot to visit my other grandfathers.

Apart from gaming, again, what makes you happy the most?

Sharpshot4K: Other types of competitions. I really like competing, playing sports, and spending time with the family. Sometimes I play tabletop games with my family.

Let’s go back to games. What’s your favorite weapon or gadget that you use in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS?

Sharpshot4K: EMT Gear. In PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, I see people prefer shooting to healing. With an EMT Gear, you can use a first aid kit very quickly. That’s just completely surprising. I can imagine the look on my opponents’ faces when you show up again with full health. They must be so confused. That’s my favorite thing.

Considering all your description of yourself as a competitive person, that’s a surprise.

Sharpshot4K: I think it’s unique. I don’t think any PUBG Esports pro will ever say that their favorite thing is to use an EMT Gear.

As a pro player you must be facing a lot of stress when things get highly competitive. What’s your secret of relieving your stress?

Sharpshot4K: Going vacation, spending time with your family, and just trying not to play games. Don’t go too hard. That’s my only secret.

What’s your goal as a pro and as a human being?

Sharpshot4K: As a pro, I want to be one of the best players. Eventually I would win top-tier tournaments and I know it’s going to take a lot of practice to get there. That’s one of my goals. As a human, I want to make balance between a lot of practices and everything else because I think that’s good way to live life.

What do you think is the most important standard that makes a great PUBG Esports pro?

Sharpshot4K: Practice beats talent. So, we need to practice a lot.

What kind of player do you want to be remembered by your fans?

Sharpshot4K: A scary fragger.

You seem to be really enjoying the moments as much as you are a competitive person. What is more important to you? Winning or enjoying the moments?

Sharpshot4K: I’m so competitive and my answer is winning. It’s what makes me enjoy the moment. But regardless, I still have fun.

Like in other professional sporting events, “PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES (PCS)” is a regular season in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. How would you compare PCS in the Americas region to that in other regions?

Sharpshot4K: Honestly, I think the Americas is one of the less interesting regions because it’s always the same team on the top perch. In other regions like Europe, there’s a different balance between different teams. There’re always new teams coming in and proving strong. It makes the tournaments a lot more interesting.

Do you have any idea to make the tournaments more interesting in your region?

Sharpshot4K: I think we need more players who are not scared. With new players, it will be a lot more interesting. Imagine a team, which ended up in the fifth place in one tournament, gets a new player. If this player is very good, this team will be able to put their names on the third place, second place, and maybe the first place in the next tournaments.

Do you have a message for the young ones who are preparing to be a pro in the future?

Sharpshot4K: Just don’t be scared. Come out and learn the most you can. When I started playing, I watched streamers play. I copied what they did in the scrimmages and in the real games. You’ll start learning and developing your own techniques. That will always make you unique.

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