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Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

The Pick’em Challenge is back just in time for PGI.S!

Like before, you’ll be able to predict winners from among your favorite teams to win great PGI.S prizes. There’s also a brand new set of PGI.S items available for sale, with an increased portion of the sales going back to support the teams! For this tournament, 30% of the item sales revenue goes back to teams and will be distributed proportionally to the amount of prize money each team wins.

Read on for info on how you can support your favorite teams and enter to win the Pick’em Challenge!

[PUBG Esports Shop]

The Esports Shop is back! Starting from Jan 20th for PC and Jan 21st for Console until April 14th, you will be able to spend your earned Esports Points to purchase various exclusive PGI.S items. Since PGI.S is running for an extended time compared to our other tournaments, we’ll be adding an additional batch of PGI.S items on February 27th, so keep an eye out for those as well! There will be plenty of options to spend your hard-earned EP on!

Purchasable PGI.S items:

  • PGI.S VOTER’S BERYL M762 (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S MK47 MUTANT  (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S QBZ BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S DACIA BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S BERET BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S HOODIE BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S SKIRT BUNDLE  (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S HELMET (LV.2) BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S BACKPACK (LV.2) BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S TACTICAL HOODIE SET (7 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S COLORSHIFT WEAPON BUNDLE (11 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S TACTICAL GEAR BUNDLE (5 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VALUE BUNDLE (21 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S EMOTE BUNDLE (2 voting coupons)


The PGI.S Pick’Em Challenge games begin on Feb 6th and will feature three different Challenges for you to play and win!


Each week of PGI.S features a Weekly Final, where teams who won during the week face off for prize money. Your job is simple; predict the TOP 4 teams of that Weekly Final! You don’t even have to pick where the team will place, if your chosen team lands in the top 4, you’ll get a prize according to their ranking. This means you can win as many as 4 times per week, though each pick will require a voting coupon.

Prize EP according to the successful pick

  • 1st: 100,000 EP
  • 2nd: 50,000 EP
  • 3rd: 25,000 EP
  • 4th: 12,500 EP


The second event changes up between even and odd weeks and will cost you one voting coupon per pick. For weeks 1, 3 and 5, you’ll have to choose which team will have the highest Weekly Kill Point total during the Weekly Final. While not the easiest task, a correct guess will earn you a whopping 200,000 EP! Weeks 2, 4 and 6 are a little more simple, choose a team that will win a Weekly Finals Chicken Dinner. If your chosen team wins a Chicken Dinner during any of the 10 games, you win 25,000 EP! You can only win once per team, so additional picks increase your odds and potential prize amount!


Last but not least, this final Challenge event asks you to choose the winner of the 32-team event match that ends PGI.S. You may place your picks from March 5th through 7th, and a correct guess will earn you 50,000 EP to spend! This is a free event, which requires no voting coupons but can still net you a sweet 50,000 EP for a correct guess!

Survival Tournament week is a free event week. No voting coupons will be required. 


PGI.S also comes with plenty of opportunities to earn Voting Coupons and Free EP just by watching and interacting during the tournament. Please note all earnable broadcast rewards are PC only. Further updates will be announced in the future. The first method is simple, visit the Esports Tab once per week to earn a weekly Free Voting Coupon!

Moreover, just like previous PCS events, you’ll occasionally see codes on-screen during the broadcast that can be redeemed for a voting coupon and EPs. You’ll have to be quick though, these codes are first-come first-served and will go fast!

Weekly Survival

  • You will be able to get a voting coupon while watching PGI.S live broadcasts.
  • A unique code for a voting coupon will be displayed during the broadcast, and people who quickly type in the code on the ”ADD EVENT CODE” section of the Pick’Em Challenge event tab or Store in-game will each receive a voting coupon on a first come-first served basis.

*Weekly Final

  • During Weekly Finals, you will be able to earn EPs from the PGI.S live stream.
  • Note that during Weekly Finals, you will be able to redeem multiple codes!

Rank decision & Event Week

  • Do not miss the Rank decision and Event week broadcasts because they will have to earn EPs from the broadcast!

You can only obtain one free voting coupon per account per week, and earn max 80,000 free EP throughout the whole PGI.S event. The Esports Tab is open now, so head over and check out the first set of awesome PGI.S items! Plan out what you want and start saving your EP to pick up your gear. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the above, we’ll have an explanation video out next week to help guide you through the event as well, so be sure to stay tuned to official PUBG channels! PGI.S is almost here, so do your research, make your plan, and start winning alongside your favorite PUBG esports teams!



Q. Where can I vote?
A. Go to the Esports Tab > Pick’Em Challenge Event Tab in-game to cast a vote.
Q. Where can I see the number of voting coupons I own?
A. Go to the Esports Tab > Pick’Em Challenge Event Tab to see the number of the voting coupons you own.
Q. What happens if I get a refund after I have already voted?
A. Refunding items invalidates any votes you have cast that used coupons from that purchase.
Q. What happens if I still have voting coupons when the voting period ends?
A. You can no longer cast a vote one the voting period has ended and any remaining voting coupons will disappear when the Pick’Em Challenge period ends.
Q. Can I vote again for the same team more than once?
A. You can only vote for each team once per challenge. When new challenges start each new week, you are free to cast any vote you like once again.
Q. Can I vote for the same teams in the Survival tournament event?
A. You may only vote once and since it is a free event, voting will not require a voting coupon.


Q. What can I earn as a reward?
A. If you choose correctly during any of the challenge events, you will earn a certain amount of Esports Points (EP). This EP can be used to purchase PGI.S event rewards in the Esports Shop.
Q. When will my Esports Points (EP) be delivered?
A. EP is granted on every Tuesday when the new week of Pick’em Challenge events open. Your points will remain available to spend in the Esports shop until April 14th 11:00 KST. If you do not receive any of your earned rewards, please contact the Support team for help.
Q. Will the EP I earn expire? Can I save it for the next Pick’em Challenge?
A. EP earned during the PGI.S tournament must be spent before 11am on April. 14th, 2021. Once the Esports Shop closes, you will lose any remaining EP you have.
Q. Can I trade the PGI.S items that I purchased in the Store in the Steam Community Marketplace?
A. No. PGI.S items purchased from the Store cannot be traded on the Steam Community Marketplace.

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