PUBG Esports Americas – Midseason Power Rankings Pt. 1


by PUBG Esports

With ESL PUBG Masters: Americas Phase 1 and the PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6) Regional Playoff and Last Chance Qualifiers behind us, the 16 teams that qualified through those events will get the chance to compete for a chunk of the $250,000 prize pool in the PCS6 Grand Final that runs from April 15th to 24th. 

But before we get there let’s break down where all these teams stand, with the help of new data and observations to update our regional power rankings. We’ve seen many of these squads fight it out online over the last two months and while North American has an edge over their counterparts in Latin America, there’s no reason to count any team out of contention before the main competition even begins.  

16. Yellow Jackets

Three Brazilians and one Bolivian, Pablo “Betungas” Arispe, put up a consistent performance during the Latin American Regional Playoff. While the squad of four didn’t put up a hefty amount of kills, they did finish in first place for two out of the twelve rounds. This team will need to find their team fight confidence if they hope to find a spot on the podium during the Grand Final. 

15. AKM Gaming

This team of Argentinians made a splash during the LATAM Regional Playoff by landing 53 kills and one chicken dinner over 12 matches. The squad’s performance saw a harsh drop between the first and second match days, though. They’ll need to come out swinging in order to earn points early in the Grand Final. It will be essential that AKM strike first and fast before North American teams they haven’t seen yet learn their strategies. 

14. The Rumblers

The Rumblers had to fight through the Last Chance Qualifier in order to make it to the final stage of PCS6. They squeezed by Wildcard Gaming in that tournament, qualifying for the Grand Final by a single point. We’ll see if this squad, led by longtime veteran and former OpTic Gaming player Keane “Valliate” Alonso, can pull off something similar later this month. 

13. Just 2 Easy

This squad, made up of a hodgepodge of Argentinians, Chileans and Uruguayans left the Latin American Regional Playoff hungry after not securing a single chicken dinner. Just 2 Easy did, however, finish within the top 4 in half of their matches. Earning that sort of placement regularly is a recipe for success, although they’ll need to get over the hump at some point. The Latin Americans also earned important major tournament experience with a 12th place finish at ESL PUBG Masters. 

12. Nootropic

Nootropic has shown considerable improvement between their performance at ESL PUBG Masters, the North American Regional Playoff and the Last Chance Qualifier. Longtime PUBG veteran Emmet “Lampalot” Homeister has shown that he knows how to lead his team to success. A Last Chance Qualifier is a lot different when compared to a Grand Final though. Maybe Daniel “seniks” Rucka, one of the few Czech PUBG players, will have some tricks up his sleeve to help his team during the Grand Final. 

11. Trogloditas

Trogloditas. Cavemen. Barbarians. Whether it’s in Spanish, Portuguese or English, it all means the same thing. These Brazilians put an emphasis on taking other teams out during their previous two tournaments. This squad left a lot of chicken on the table with three second place finishes and a handful of dud rounds, but they could easily turn the tide during the Grand Final. 

You may have noticed a trend by now with nearly every Latin American team coming out early in our power rankings. The region is strong, but no squads from the region made it out of the Last Chance Qualifier. Trogloditas and their neighbors will be outnumbered and outgunned heading into the Grand Final. 

Editors Note:  These Power Rankings are created and determined by one individual’s subjective observations and review of the competition data.  They do not reflect the view of Krafton and/or PUBG Esports.

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