PUBG Esports Americas – Midseason Power Rankings Pt. 2


by PUBG Esports

Part II of our Midseason Power Rankings features six teams ranked between 5-10. We’ve got squads from both North and Latin America who impressed during the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas Grand Final, but didn’t go far enough to make it to the top echelon of competition. 

These teams will be in a prime position to move up once the next big competition – either ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 or the PUBG Continental Series 7 Americas – comes around. 

10. Rumblers

Keane “Valliate” Alonso helped lead his team to a 7th place finish during the Grand Final of PCS6, which is an impressive feat for a team who squeezed in through the Last Chance Qualifier. The Rumblers showed major improvement between the LCQ and Grand Final, eclipsing everyone they played against in the LCQ except for Soniqs when the competition was at its fiercest. 

9. Short Circuit

Moving from 6th during the North American Regional Qualifier to 9th during the actual Grand Final is not the type of performance that the former 300 squad wanted from PCS6, but it’s nothing to scoff at considering the level of competition. This team finished the first week of matches with two chicken dinners – along with 17 kills between those two matches – which means they earned roughly 13% of the available chicken.

8.  A Creche

A Creche dropped the ball in the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. The Brazilian squad finished 13th with 129 points after a promising performance during the Latin America Regional Grand Final. This squad impressed heavily elsewhere though.  Three members of this team – Hailton “vhz” Junior, Lucas “lfp1” Prado and Guilherme “rbNN1” Carvalh (who served as coach) – played a pivotal role in earning Brazil’s third place finish at the PUBG Nations Cup. That competition was played in-person on a much bigger stage, which means A Creche’s flop during PCS6 could have been a fluke. 

7. Luminosity

Luke “luke12” Newey and the rest of Luminosity took away $10,000 from their 7th place finish at the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. Luke12 also finished 7th at the PUBG Nations Cup in Thailand as part of Team Australia. Neither result satisfied this high flying team, but they could serve as motivation for the future. 

6. Bing Bang Boom 

While Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse’s performance at the PUBG Nations Cup as part of Team Canada may have not been what he wanted, a 6th place finish during the PCS6 Grand Final is more than enough to write home about. This team has the talent but is just outside the threshold of greatness.

Editors Note:  These Power Rankings are created and determined by one individual’s subjective observations and review of the competition data.  They do not reflect the view of Krafton and/or PUBG Esports.


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