by Ty Brody

Arriving at PUBG Esports’ biggest stage under a new banner, KPI Gaming aims to continue previous success while proudly representing their region on the international stage. As the only Latin America team competing at the PUBG Global Championship, KPI Gaming will be playing for more than just themselves when the event finally kicks off.

Receiving one of only six invites extended to the Americas region, this roster faces their biggest challenge yet within PUBG Esports’ toughest lobby. As the lone representative from a proud and loyal competitive region, KPI Gaming is naturally carrying more than their own excitement and anticipation into the biggest event of the year.

Previously known as FIUMBA, the team has already settled into a spot towards the top of the Americas region – certified by a top-four placement in the PCS5 Americas Grand Final one month ago. That performance opened the eyes of many and showcased their ability to keep pace with the region’s strongest rosters. Prior to their success in the PCS5 Americas Grand Final, the team caught the attention of many following a strong rally in the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 tournament.

After their slow start to the ESL PUBG Masters LATAM Group Stage, KPI Gaming found themselves clinging to the eighth and final invite to the Americas Grand Final. Fortunately, the team managed to defend their spot and advance into the final. Once there, the team claimed a pair of Chicken Dinners on each week of the Grand Final – securing them a top-three placement in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final.

Shortly after the team’s impressive showing in the ESL PUBG Masters, the squad entered the PUBG Continental Series 5: LATAM Group Stage. Competing against regional rivals such as Young Kings, Trogloditas, 303 Esports, and A Creche, the roster of KPI Gaming proved themselves to be head and shoulders above the rest. Securing five Chicken Dinners across twenty matches, the team sailed into the Americas Grand Final with momentum on their side.

Battling to stay alive and capture as many match victories as possible, the roster of KPI Gaming managed to claim top-eight placements in all three weeks of the PCS5 Americas Grand Final. Joined only by the Soniqs and Wildcard Gaming as the three teams to accomplish this feat – adding to their Prize Money Standing in three consecutive weeks.

The team’s second-place finish during Week Two was the team’s best showing throughout the tournament, largely contributing to the team’s fourth-place overall standing once the event ended. After the team’s strong showing in the ESL PUBG Masters, and then the PCS5 Americas Grand Final, it’s tough not to imagine this roster taking another step in the right direction at the PUBG Global Championship.

Despite the tougher competition, KPI Gaming appears to be prepared for the challenge that awaits them. The team certainly benefits from a wealth of knowledge and experience offered to them by “SzylzEN” – a player that’s competed on PUBG Esports’ largest stages. His experience includes the 2018 PUBG Global Invitational, the 2019 PUBG Global Championship, and the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup. “SzylzEN” is an absolute legend of the competitive scene and will be someone the less-experienced players can lean on if needed.

Adding to this roster’s firepower behind an excellent showing in the PCS5 Americas Grand Final, “Dr4FTk1NG” is already a player I have my eye on early as PGC approaches. This team has a balance of veteran and young players that offer their own advantages to each match. With the exception of one player, PGC 2021 will undoubtedly be the most important event yet for the majority of KPI Gaming. Soon, we’ll know how the players reacted to this stage and if it’s impacted their gameplay in any unexpected ways. That said, the team’s brief track record points towards another strong performance despite the elevated stakes.

Before the players begin to descend onto the battleground at PGC 2021 – it’s important to catch up on everything that’s happening with your favorite squad! Don’t forget to follow PUBG Esports on social media and stay tuned for more coverage of the PUBG Global Championship here.

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