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The PUBG Continental Series (PCS) in 2020 carried us through an unprecedented year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. PUBG Esports went fully virtual and we had an amazing time hosting teams from 4 regions for The PCS Charity Showdown, PCS1, PCS2, and PCS3. A virtual format made esports more accessible, built-up tension between teams, and celebrated the insane skills we love to see in PUBG.

In 2021, we’re going back to our roots with the PUBG Global Invitational.S – a safe, survival showdown to bring teams from 8 regions around the world together for what is sure to be an amazing contest. This time PGI.S will be a hybrid lan/online event, bringing the excitement you deserve back to broadcasted content across Twitch, YouTube, and more (did you follow our TikTok page yet?!)

PGI.S invites 32 PUBG Esports teams to drop into the ring – stacking cash along the way. There’s a whopping $3.5 million available to be earned! The team that collects the most prize money over the course of the tournament will be declared Champion of PGI.S. Which team are you voting for? With weekly Pick ‘Em Challenges and events, you can support your #1 team in the upcoming PGI.S directly!

PCS Teams Participating in PGI.S

The first PUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown was posted in May 2020, pitting 16 qualified teams in 4 regions against each other. We reintroduced the format withPCS1 and PCS2, before crowning our first 2-time PCS Champions in PCS3. Over a series of matches, 64 teams in each PCS competed for a piece of the $800K prize pool and a series of bragging rights.

PCS Charity Showdown
Asia – Tianba Esports
APAC – DivisionX Gaming
EU – Northern Lights
NA – Oath

PCS1 Champions:
Asia – Infantry
APAC – Qconfirm
NA – Shoot To Kill

PCS2 Champions:
Asia – Triumphant Song Gaming
APAC – LG Divine
EU – FaZe Clan
NA – Soniqs

PCS3 Champions:
Asia – Multi-Circle Gaming
APAC – Buriram United Esports
EU – Northern Lights
NA – Soniqs

We’re proud to share that PGI.S invites standouts of 2020 against each other in a series to survive! Over 156 matches, the PGI.S Weekly Series will bring the thrill of survival to PUBG Esports!

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