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As we prepare to kick off PCS3, we want to take a moment to remember the Champions of PCS 1 and 2. By analyzing PEPS+ player stats, performance in PCS2, and taking into account PCS3 Qualifiers, we might be able to position ex-Champs in the next leg of the PUBG Continental Series!
Who do you think will take home the crown in your region? We have yet to see repeat Champions in PCS, but competition is heating up across Asia, APAC, NA, and EU!


The first PUBG Continental Series was hosted in June 2020, pitting 16 qualified teams in 4 regions against each other. Over a series of matches, 64 teams competed for a piece of the $800K prize pool and a series of bragging rights.

The Winning PCS1 Teams:

  • Asia – Team Infantry
  • APAC – Qconfirm
  • EU – TSM
  • NA – Shoot To Kill

In typical montage fashion, we’ve produced a tribute to the teams who took the PCS1 Championship home for their region!


To everyone’s surprise, the PCS2 Championship leaderboards did not match outcomes from PCS1! While standout players from our PCS1 Championship teams may have performed on the field, team standings showed fresh faces in the Top 3 for every region!

New positions for previous Championship teams shocked fans in the PUBG circuit.

PCS1 Championship Position Changes:

  • Asia – Team Infantry places #2 in PCS2, behind TSG in their first PUBG Continental Series appearance.
  • APAC – Qconfirm doesn’t make a return. Divine Esports claims the #1 Championship, in an intense tie-breaker ruling, after securing Position #11 in PCS1.
  • EU – PCS1 Champion TSM drops to #3 as FaZe Clan takes the top spot from a position #6 ending in PCS1!
  • NA – Team Soniqs rises the ranks from #3 in PCS1 to take the PCS2 Championship away from Shoot To Kill. STK finishes PCS2 in the #3 spot.

It’s fair to say that some tough competition will show itself in the PCS3 Asia Qualifiers! Since they’re not complete yet, it’s not an easy prediction. Digest this PEPS+ information yourself – comparing best overall player on Infantry’s Longskr and TSG’s 911x, PCS1 and PCS2 Asia Championship teams, respectively.

Shoot To Kill’s aLOW was positioned as Best Overall on the PCS1 Championship team, but even with hard fought victories in PCS2 he could not carry his team to first place! Now, compare PEPS+ for Soniq’s TGLTN first week in PCS2 and the two seem unmatched. In the end, Team Soniqs took the crown in PCS2. Will we see a fierce reheat between these two teams in PCS3?!


PCS3 Qualifiers are continuing to wrap up, but one thing is clear — predictions in PCS3 will prove to be a challenge. Start thinking about who you’ll vote for in the Pick ‘Em challenges!

In PCS3 Europe final standings of the group stage, three teams without previous championship top the leaderboards! Natus Vincere with a whopping 241 points, Northern Lights behind with 203 points, and Digital Athletics in 3rd with 192 points. PCS2 Champion FaZe and PCS1 Champion TSM are right behind with 190 and 167 points, respectively.

The PCS3 NA Group final standings pit Soniqs, currently at #1 with 307 points, against #2 Shoot to Kill with 295 points! NA is bound to see some intense moments in the circle!

PCS3 APAC will be tough to predict as Fury, Divine Esports, and DivisionX drop into the circle again!

Stay tuned for PCS3 Asia Qualifiers finishing up this week!

Get Hype – PCS3 is Around the Corner!

Will we see our first repeat PCS Champion? Who do YOU want to see take home the Regional Championship in the PUBG Continental Series 3!

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PEPS+ breakdowns for PCS1 and PCS2 are available below.

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