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Only one team in the Americas knows what it feels like to raise a trophy for a PUBG Continental Series victory in 2022, the Soniqs.

Hunter “hwinn” Winn, Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki, James “TGLTN” Giezen, and Austin “M1ME” Scherff make up Soniqs. This PCS6 and PCS7 championship squad has been performing at a high level under the same banner for years. They will be a force to be reckoned with at the PUBG Championship (PGC) in Dubai in November. 

Soniqs path to PGC

Soniqs haven’t had a truly poor final placement in all of 2022. While this team faltered at points through some major tournaments, they’ve always found their footing before the final chicken dinner was served. 

Shrimzy and company began the year with a fair performance during ESL Masters Phase 1, finishing third in both the North American Regional Playoff and Grand Final. A 19 point gap separated Soniqs and the first place team, eUnited. 

The PUBG Continental Series 6 North American Regional Playoff saw Soniqs have their biggest fumble of the year. This team placed 7th in the Regional Playoff, pushing them out of Grand Final qualification. They had to survive the Last Chance Qualifier. 

The doubt we had for this team would not last long as Soniqs placed second in the Last Chance Qualifier behind Team Dodge. It was clear that TGLTN and co were not satisfied with their earlier performances, because they looked like an entirely new team going forward. Soniqs came out like men on a mission during the Grand Final, ultimately building a 37 point lead in a comfortable first place performance.

Soniqs at the PUBG Nations Cup

Three out of four members of Soniqs would find their way onto a PUBG Nations Cup squad after that stellar PCS6 tournament Grand Final. Shrimzy and hwinn filled out half of Team USA, while TGLTN found his way to Thailand as part of Team Australia. TGLTN helped his team to a seventh place finish while Team USA landed in ninth place. 

A Battle at the Top

A month after playing together on their respective PUBG Nations Cup squads, members from Soniqs and eUnited found themselves neck and neck to lead the Americas. It felt like Soniqs was pulling ahead by finishing first during the ESL Masters Phase 2 Regional Playoff, but eUnited came back to win the Grand Final in an incredibly close series. No other team outside these two were in the running as week 2 closed out. 

The battle would continue with the PUBG Continental Series 7. Soniqs took first place in the Regional Playoff again, but would not let history repeat itself. The Grand Final wasn’t nearly as close this time around as Soniqs finished with 313 points – 61 more points than eUnited’s 252 – in an incredible first place finish. 

Soniqs have finished the regular season in the Americas on the top of the standings. Now their eyes are set on a more important accomplishment: first place in Dubai. They’ll have to get through eUnited, as well as 30 other teams from all over the world, in order to get there. 

Where to watch the PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so be sure to stay tuned for all the updates leading up to the tournament. Looking for info on the other Americas teams heading to Dubai? Check out our articles on YAHO, eUnited, and Luminosity Gaming. 

The PUBG Global Championship will run from Nov.1 – Nov. 20 with a $2,000,000 prize pool. More prize money will be added through the sale of in-game PGC 2022 items. The final prize pool amount will be confirmed closer to the tournament’s start date. Check out all the current tournament info here!

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