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YAHO, a team with arguably the best logo in PUBG, have gone through a fair share of ups and downs over the course of 2022. 

This team, made up of Americans’ Brent “Poonage” Mullany and Brendan “Balefrost” Connors, Canadian Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick, and Brazilian Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro have done more than enough to prove that they deserve their spot at the PUBG Global Championship in Dubai in November. 

YAHO’s path to PGC

This squad began the year with a 8th place finish at ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1 in March utilizing a slightly altered roster. Ramazan “H1RUZEN” Valiullin earned 27 kills, falling behind his teammates. He would part with the roster shortly after the tournament. 

A little over a month later and YAHO’s fortunes took a turn in the squad’s favor. YAHO finished second –  just behind Soniqs – during the PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas in April. This team dominated the North American Regional Playoff with a first place finish. The team went on to land an impressive 154 kills and four chicken dinners during the Grand Final. The next team was 22 points behind them. 

Balefrost, who came over from Built By Gamers, joined the team and immediately started contributing with 33 kills in his PCS6 performance. 

The four man squad wouldn’t compete together again for months, but multiple members found international experience in the second official PUBG Nations Cup. Shinboi and sparkingg joined Team Canada and Brazil, respectively. Aided by players from A Creche and 22 Esports, sparkingg and Team Brazil found their way to an impressive third place finish against some of the best players in the world.

“I spent these days enjoying and enjoying our last ones here in Thailand, but I couldn’t help but thank everyone for the positive messages,” sparkingg said in a tweet in June. “I’m already looking forward to playing again.”

The next time he would play would be ESL Masters Phase 2 in July and YAHO didn’t miss a step after landing their parachutes on Erangel and Mirarmar. This squad placed third behind eUnited and Soniqs, earning 171 kills and two chicken dinners across 30 matches. 

YAHO had all but qualified for the PUBG Global Championship at that point. Few teams would be able to pass them in points earned, even if they were to get eliminated from PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas early. That’s exactly what happened in YAHO’s seventh place performance during both the PCS7 Regional Playoff and Last Chance Qualifier. 

Shinboi and company wouldn’t get the chance to compete in the Grand Final. 

The result would not impact YAHO’s qualification for the PGC. The team ultimately earned 445 points, the fourth most behind Soniqs, eUnited and Wildcard Gaming. 

That most recent performance doesn’t have them phased. This team – including the core of Shinboi, sparkingg and Poonage – has been playing together even while jumping from organization to organization over the past year and a half. Their commitment to PUBG is clear and that commitment combined with good past international performances could help YAHO make it to the podium in Dubai.Β 

Where to watch the PUBG Global Championship.Β 

We’re counting the days until we see our Americas teams jump from the plane and into the PUBG Global Championship action. The competition will be stiffer and that has us all the more excited to watch it unfold. Check out all the current tournament info here!

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so be sure to stay tuned for all the updates leading up to Nov. 1.

See you on the Battlegrounds!


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