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We’ve made it through the opening rounds of ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase II and we now know who’s competing in the Grand Finals. At the conclusion of the Regional Playoffs, we asked our Americas casting talent to submit their power rankings going into the Grand Final.

Each participating talent member ranked their teams 1-16 with each ranking corresponding to their point value. These values were summed up for each team to give them a final point score. Similar to golf, the lower the number of points each team had the better (i.e. 10 1st place votes gives a score of 10, 10 2nd place votes would give a score of 20). It was a hotly contested vote, with not one person’s rankings matching exactly to the final aggregate rankings.

Let’s take a look at where the collective Americas Brain Trust has everyone sitting:

16. Tactical 8

15. Just 2 Easy

14. Short Circuit

13. Spicy Fish

12. Young Kings

11. Wildcard Gaming

10. Dodge

“Another new roster for Orange Gang, but the addition of gats is probably the biggest get for f1nna yet. The kid is a bonafide fragger, and when you combine him with Ethan, Dodge has one hell of a one-two punch. They just have to figure out how best to play around it.” -Porosaurus

9. Tokyo Manji Gang

“This team was very impressive with their macro decisions as well as their overall teamplay in gun fights. The whole roster seems to work well together.” – Anonymous NA Talent 

8. 22 Esports

“22 Esports is a LATAM team that has been evolving with each championship, they have an absurd consistency of points and a good performance inside and outside the LATAM, they have very good fraggers and an absurd IGL” – Afroditexx

7. Synergy

“Most of Synergy’s roster has changed since their 5th place run at ESL [PUBG] Masters Phase 1, but the additions of SzylzEN and benja to PIPAA’s noteworthy fragging power could be a breath of fresh air for this squad.” -Porosaurus

6. Bing Bang Boom

“I am going to disregard their first day of groups, but they looked terrible. Fortunately, on day 2 they looked like the team we expect, and barring any additional setbacks they should finish near the top.” -Porosaurus

5. Fiumba

“They are hungry, they really want to prove everyone why they are here, it can be a strong motivation for them to try their best and raise the trophy” -Cristyle

4. Trogloditas

“Veteran team that today plays the objective very well. It was the one that got the most victories in the qualifiers and made a considerable amount of kills.” – Neves

3. eUnited

“This team has been dominating the region for a long time, sometimes they come short but they are one of the most consistent teams in the scene” – Cristyle

2. Yaho

“Roster is looking quite strong now that they have had time to gel a little more especially coming off of the great success Sparkingg had at PNC.” – Anonymous NA Talent

1. Soniqs

“They won PCS 6 and won NA [Regional Playoff]. They’re on top until someone knocks them off, it’s that easy. As odd as it is to say, I think Soniqs looked even better in NA [Regional Playoff] than they did when they won PCS 6 a few months back. Scary stuff.” – Porosaurus

Not only did we grab rankings from our casting talent, we also got their opinions on the state of teams and what players to watch out for going into the Grand Final!

Dark Horses/Honorable Mentions

“Dark horses for podium finishes at this event are Dodge and TMG, but honorable mentions for this ranking list has to be Luminosity. It’s been arguable if they deserve to be in the conversation with SQ and eUnited for a while, but they still have a strong enough history to be on this list even if an 11th this past weekend takes them out of the top 4.” – Cameron Davis

“Wildcard, YAHO, Bing Bang Boom, and (to a somewhat lesser extent due to regional spots) 22 Esports stand to gain the most from LG’s misstep. But remember that PCS7 increases PGC points by a pretty large amount, so if there was going to be a slip-up, better it be now than later.” – Porosaurus

“Spicy Fish and Short Circuit Gaming are two teams I believe could make a run for the top 3 if they are able to find some consistency throughout the days. Also very unfortunate that Luminosity Gaming was unable to qualify for the event.” – Anonymous NA Talent

“Tokyo Manji Gang, I just never heard about that team, I know some of them but I want to know what they can do as they won 2 games in the Regional Playoff and qualified very comfortably to the finals.”– Cristyle

“Synergy, a team with good additions like Benja and Szylzen, experience and youth, could turn history around and secure points for the PGC.”– Enoquiano

Most Improved from PCS6

“Trogloditas has recovered most of their skills and play style. so I see them very strong for this ESL, they have had some troubles in the recent tournaments but it seems that they now remember who they are and what they are capable of” – Cristyle

“Short Circuit Gaming (Formerly 300) looks to be one of the more improved teams coming into ESL. They were able to have quite a successful day with strong teams in the lobby such as Soniqs and YAHO.”– Anonymous NA Talent

“Fiumba. From qualifying to PGC to not qualifying to either ESL 1 or PCS6 to now, with a few roster moves, qualifying to ESL 2 in 2nd from LATAM is a sizable turnaround.” – Cameron Davis

Players To Watch

“Kalnix is a excellent player on his first official tournament due to he is 18 y/o now, let’s see what he is capable of” – Cristyle

“I am locked in on hallomybad from Tokyo Manji Gang and gats from Dodge. I’m also keeping a close eye on Shinboi as he has been getting incrementally better every single tournament throughout 2022.” – Porosaurus

“The entire roster of Tokyo Manji Gang needs to get a shoutout here. Kolton and Zealot particularly have been an invaluable duo for the squad and hallomybad has some very good mechanics.” – Anonymous NA Talent

“Possa – Trogloditas. New player with a lot of talent, he was waiting for the age to play and in the knockout stage he was the highlight.” – Neves

Team with the Most Pressure

“eUnited were supposed to take the top spot from SQ last event and instead got 4th and even looked scary at times qualifying for ESL. This event has a lot riding on it in regards to their unofficially official ranking.” – Cameron Davis

“I think Bing Bang Boom absolutely needs to seize this opportunity to separate themselves from Luminosity and catch up with the rest of the pack in the PGC point chase with a big showing this weekend. The better they can position themselves now, the less pressure they’ll have come PCS7.” – Porosaurus

“22 Esports. They are leading, in the [LATAM] region, in PGC points. They need to stay in the lead to secure a spot for the next PGC.” – Ivanz1to

“Honestly, any of the LATAM teams. With only 1 guaranteed spot for PGC every single event is wildly important to make sure they are the top seed in their region if all else fails.” – Anonymous NA Talent

Be sure to tune in to the ESL PUBG Masters Phase II Grand Final 7/22-7/24 and 7/29-7/31 at 4pm PT!

Editors Note:  These Power Rankings are created and determined by a set of individuals’ subjective observations.  They do not reflect the view of Krafton and/or PUBG Esports. Quotes may be translated from other languages and may not be 100% accurate.


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