by Ty Brody

The Pick Em’ Challenge has returned for the PCS2 Grand Finals, and it features four head-to-head matchups between some of North America’s strongest squads. Players can predict which team they believe will place higher in each of the four Team Faceoffs for a varying amount of Esport Points – used to purchase exclusive PCS2 skins in-game.

Each of the matchups consists of two proficient teams with their sights set on the first-place position as they enter the Grand Final. Making a decision between some of these teams was close, but that’s the point. So take a look at the current votes in-game and what their EP payout will be if you’re correct and make your own judgment call!

Here is a look at each of the four Team Faceoffs and the teams I believe are going to come out on top when they square off in the PCS2 Grand Final.

Shoot To Kill vs Team Veritas

If you tuned in for the PCS1 Grand Final, you’re fully aware of the interesting past these teams share. Shoot To Kill was well on their way to winning the first PUBG Continental Series title when Team Veritas, competing under the Wildcard Gaming banner at that time, rattled off three straight victories on the final day of the tournament to push STK to the edge. The back and forth between these two teams stole the spotlight during the final day of the tournament and ultimately produced one of the most electrifying final matches of a PUBG Esports tournament we’ve seen.

Coming into the Grand Final, Team Veritas has their work cut out for them if they’re aiming to knock off Shoot To Kill. If their previous PCS performance is any sign of things to come, we’re in for an exciting Grand Final between these teams. Still, based on what we’ve seen thus far, there simply isn’t another team I can pick against STK. They accomplished the unlikely by coming together in the final match of the previous Grand Final to overtake Team Veritas, and I believe they’ll do it again in the PCS2 Grand Final. #ThankYouForTheSkins

Prediction: Shoot to Kill 

Radiance vs Oath Gaming

Radiance established themselves as a contender entering the PCS2 Grand Final, but will that be enough to outperform Oath Gaming? The two teams have found success in each PCS Group Stage, forcing a tough decision when determining which squad will place higher by the end of the Grand Final. During the recent PCS2 Group Stage, Radiance has had better results over the course of the three weeks – but Oath Gaming retooled their roster during the break and enter the Grand Final with the deadly duo of “Snakers” and “Relo”.

The teams had comparable Week One performances during the Group Stage and then moved in opposite directions through Week Two and Three. This may be one of the more difficult matchups to decide between, but I’ve chosen Oath Gaming for their ability to collect a large number of kills, and the Esport Points payout based on the current votes in-game for this matchup.

Prediction: Oath Gaming 

Soniqs vs Zenith Esports

While the matchup favors Soniqs in every one of their PUBG Continental Series meetings, I wouldn’t lock in your pick just yet. Zenith Esports has been hovering just outside of the region’s upper echelon of teams when looking at their placements in the PCS1 Group Stage, PCS1 Final, and PCS2 Group Stage. Is this Grand Final the tournament where Zenith Esports establish themselves as a force to reckon with? The potential for Zenith Esports to have a better tournament and place higher than the Soniqs is certainly there, but they’ll need to have their best performance to date in the PCS2 Grand Final to outdo Soniqs.

Soniqs welcomed back James “TGLTN” Giezen for the PCS2 Group Stage, and while the team may not have made the splash many expected, the team still comfortably qualified for the Grand Final with a fairly new roster. Zenith Esports are building off of their success in the previous series with the same roster that placed fifth in the PCS1 Grand Final; however, the results didn’t see an improvement during the PCS2 Group Stage. Zenith Esports have made it to the Grand Final and they’re a dangerous team to run into on the battlegrounds, but I’d have to choose Soniqs based on their overall performance and recent roster move.

Prediction: Soniqs 

Comets vs Hardshifts

Deciding between Comets and Houston Hardshifts was actually the Team Faceoff I felt the most confident in making. Lately, Comets have been playing their best and impressed over the Group Stage. Despite a difficult Week-Three performance they managed to place fourth overall in the Group Stage. Meanwhile, the Houston Hardshifts recorded their lowest placement of any PCS event and really only showed up in Week Two of the previous round.

I mentioned during our Week One Power Rankings that the Hardshifts are a team with a ton of potential, and perhaps this Grand Final is when everything comes together for the team. Nevertheless, when weighing the recent play of these two teams, regardless of the players that Hardshifts have at their disposal, the Comets have been the stronger team for some time and I don’t envision that changing before PCS2 comes to a close.

Prediction: Comets 

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