by Ty Brody

We’re just hours away from the start of the PCS2 North America Grand Final as the region’s best players return to the battlegrounds for Day One of the tournament. This week, we’ve gone over our Week One Power Rankings, made our picks in each of the four Team Faceoffs, and now we’ll highlight a few teams that I believe have the potential to surprise people on Thursday and Friday. In Grand Final events, there are always a couple of teams that greatly increase their stock and make a name for themselves over the course of the tournament – these are the two teams I have in mind for PCS2 Week One.


Topdawg, icyflex, Freemeplease, Adam

Illusion played well throughout the PCS2 Group Stage and settled into a top-eight placement after three weeks of play. Their consistency through thirty qualifying matches is a sign of any great team and will hopefully transfer over into the Grand Final. Illusion lacked one outstanding week to move ahead of several other teams, but the contribution from “Topdawg” played an essential role in the team’s success during the Group Stage. Considering he ended the previous round with eighteen more kills than his closest teammate. To be fair, kills are typically a product of what the team is doing correctly as a group, and less about a player’s individual ability to frag out. Regardless of those finer details, “Topdawg” accounted for a substantial amount of the team’s points during the Group Stage and deserves the credit for his improvement since PCS1.

I’ve selected Illusion as one of this week’s “teams to watch” after studying the team’s play in the previous round and realizing that anyone on this roster could step up if called upon. The experience and in-game knowledge of “Adam”, who they added to the roster following PCS1, immediately makes them a better team coming into the Grand Final.


Addit, GuaB, IceTech, SimplyMatt

Easily one of the more impressive teams during the Group Stage, Liberate made their presence known in what felt like every late-game scenario. Their roster saw the addition of “SimplyMatt” since the team’s PCS1 Grand Final appearance, and he’s been an important part of the team’s play so far. Over the course of thirty qualifying matches, the team’s leading player “GauB” collected 38 Kills and dealt 7655 damage to enemies which was enough to rank him within the top twenty-five of PCS2 players.

Liberate displayed many positive characteristics during their Group Stage run, particularly to start Week Three when they won a round with fourteen kills to match. The four-man squad has been playing well as a complete unit, so I’ve picked them as a “Team to Watch” during Week One based on their impressive team-play and constant presence in late-game circles. If the team finds a way to continue and improve on their encouraging play from the Group Stage, Liberate is easily welcoming in some new fans by the end of PCS2.

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