by Ty Brody

Today, TSM has announced their signing of Shoot To Kill, one of the most accomplished teams throughout PUBG Esports and a powerhouse in the Americas region. The team’s current roster of Kurtis ‘PurdyKurty’ Bond, Aaron ‘aLOW’ Lommen, Andrew ‘penta’ Franco, and Luke ‘luke12’ Newey, along with the team’s coach Owen ‘Gunner’ Monahan, recently won the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Finals and have a history of success at the highest level of PUBG Esports.

Welcoming an organization such as TSM to a region that is already loaded with prestigious teams instantly boosts the excitement surrounding this season. “We are thrilled to welcome such an iconic organization like TSM to the PUBG Americas region. This opportunity is a true testament to the hard work of Shoot To Kill over the years. We couldn’t be happier for aLOW, PurdyKurty, luke12, Penta, and Gunner, and we can’t wait to see how they perform under the new banner at PCS4”, said the Head of PUBG Esports Americas, Everett Coleman.

When asking the members what it meant to be signed by TSM, they had this to say.

PurdyKurty: “Being picked up by TSM is honestly a dream come true for our team. I personally have admired the organization since I started watching esports. I watched them in league of legends for years as a fan before ever competing, so this is surreal for me. Super excited to be representing them.”

Penta: “It’s honestly a dream come true to represent one of the best organizations in the world. So far our onboarding process and interactions with staff have been super fluid. They’re taking care of us, and I think we’re pretty lucky to have each other.”

Gunner: “I am extremely excited to get picked up by TSM, I have been a fan of the org for years and we have been holding out waiting for the right org to sign to and we found it.”

Excitement surrounding the organization’s announcement to join the Americas region

While competing under the Shoot To Kill banner, the team has claimed victory in numerous events and taken high placements in countless others. In July of last year, they won the PCS1 NA Grand Finals in a thrilling finish that awarded the team with more than $70,000 USD in prize money. This season, the team has picked up exactly where they left off. Most recently, Shoot To Kill dominated the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Finals and ran away with the first-place position. Prior to that, the team opened their season with an eleventh place finish at the PUBG Global Invitational.S where the Americas region asserted itself against the world’s best teams.

At PGI.S, the final placement was determined by the sum of money earned by each team. So, it was not entirely representative of their overall success against PUBG Esports’ best. This roster placed at the top of practically every important statistic category but were unable to bring home the prize money that they felt they had been earned. Not to mention, the team made a roster change in the midst of the event with the addition of penta. Considering the scenario, the team as a whole, and penta individually, played well for the remainder of the tournament. Then, once this four-man squad played their first full event together, they were clearly head and shoulders above the rest and dominated the ESL PUBG Masters from start to finish.

One week ago, TSM announced their departure from EU PUBG scene and the speculation surrounding their next move has circulated since. The team’s specific wording in the announcement was immediately noted, and shortly after it seemed as though Shoot To Kill was the obvious choice for them. This roster has remained at the top of their region for some time now, and their performance against the best teams in the world showcased their ability to win on the big stage.

Having a team like TSM to support the roster throughout their season comes with a bevy of benefits. The team explains what that support could mean for their performance in-game.

PurdyKurty: “The support of TSM helps a lot of things out of game, a good support system and a great environment to comfortably improve both in and out of game. They also have some great partnerships with companies like Logitech and Lenovo which will help me get some of the best gear on the market.”

Penta: “Having the support of TSM without a doubt fuels us even more to be on top. We want to represent them well in what we do, and we all take pride in that. In terms of performance, we’ll just keep playing our game how we always.”

Gunner: “Our performance should only go up from here, the time we have had thus far communicating and working behind the scenes with them has been amazing and having the full support from a org like TSM is unmatched.”

This signing marks TSM’s transition from one region to another, introducing a new set of rivals to their fans and supporters in PUBG Esports. It also means TSM that is now a member of NA’s big four, facing off with the Soniqs, Zenith Esports, and Oath Gaming in each regional event. The fights between these teams has only been heightened with this news, and it all begins shortly in the PCS4 Americas NA Group Stage.

Current TSM roster:

  • Kurt ‘PurdyKurty’ Bond
  • Aaron ‘aLOW’ Lommen
  • Andrew ‘penta’ Franco
  • Luke ‘luke12’ Newey
  • Coach: Owen ‘Gunner’ Monahan
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