by Ty Brody

Wildcard Gaming announced its return to the battlegrounds following their signing of Ascendance Esports, one of the six North American teams to secure an invite to the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals starting on June 10th. Wildcard Gaming has picked up all four starting players for Ascendance, as well as, the team’s substitute player and coach. Their current roster heading into the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals will be, Zrayven “Zray” Rahman, Gabriel “Maji” Elliott, Kory “TsoK” Verschoore, Jacob “Zealot” Klessig, Beck “Beck” Crawford, and their coach, Zachary “Inn8” Herrick. The team is coming off an impressive performance in the North America Group Stage, where they comfortably defended their sixth-place position against the region’s best teams.

“Wildcard has always excelled at finding talent and through our internal systems and culture helped players develop into great players. We are excited to bring in the Ascendance roster as they are a new team with younger players and we feel they have the ability to grow into one of the region’s top teams. Ownership and Investors of Wildcard have always been massive fans of PUBG and we are excited to be back in the game that the organization grew with for over three years.”

– Ben Merritt, COO

Ascendance Esports carried themselves to the ESL PUBG Masters Group Stage with a first-place finish in the preceding Round Three Qualifiers, outdoing Spacestation Gaming over the course of the twelve matches. The team then earned their spot in the PCS4 NA Group Stage following a tenth-place finish in the ESL PUBG Masters Group Stage, where they narrowly missed out on the Grand Finals by just four points. They would see their tournament run come to an end, but the team’s top-sixteen placement would earn them a spot in the PCS4 Americas Group Stage.

Coming into the PCS4 Group Stage, Ascendance Esports welcomed aboard “Inn8” as the team’s coach for the foreseeable future. His addition will add another experienced voice to the team’s preparation outside of the game and should be helpful as the entire region prepares for a new format as the ‘Most Chickens’ era begins in PUBG Esports. The team’s performance throughout the PCS4 Group Stage impressed – placing the team towards the top of the leaderboard for a majority of the previous round.

Wildcard Gaming will descend onto the battlegrounds on June 10th to kick off their PCS4 Americas journey. Up against some of the best teams from both regions, North and South America, the team will fight to accomplish the exact goal as fifteen fellow competitors. The opportunity for Wildcard Gaming to place themselves at the forefront of the Americas region awaits them, but how will they respond in their first major event under this new banner? Sooner rather than later, we’ll find out!

Wildcard pride themselves in fostering young talent and developing players. Tsok, EnragedZealot, Zrayven, Maji, and Inn8 are the perfect fit for Wildcard’s re-entry to PUBG Esports. Their efforts will be put to the test at PCS4 Americas Grand Final, and we can’t wait to see if the Wildcard organization can put up a strong showing.

– Everett Coleman, Head of Esports, PUBG Americas

The current roster for Wildcard Gaming:

  • Zrayven “Zray” Rahman
  • Gabriel “Maji” Elliott
  • Kory “TsoK” Verschoore
  • Jacob “Zealot” Klessig
  • Sub: Beck “Beck” Crawford
  • Coach: Zachary “Inn8” Herrick
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