by Ty Brody

We’re four weeks into the PUBG Global Invitational.S and somehow these best-of-ten Weekly Finals are still leaving us astounded. Weekly Final #4 delivered another action-packed weekend filled with its own collection of twists and turns but ultimately ended with a North American team sitting atop the leaderboard. Due to the gradually increasing base prize pool, and more importantly, the exceptional contribution via crowdfunding, this weekend’s final awarded Zenith Esports with a staggering $349,822 USD – instantly launching our Week Four champion to the top of the PGI.S Prize Money standings.

The original payout for winning Weekly Final 4 would have been $150,000 USD. However, an additional 30% of all PGI.S themed items purchased in-game by fans and players has been added to each week’s cash prize. Four weeks into the event and we’ve already begun doubling the original payouts thanks to the contribution by our amazing PUBG community. As we approach the final two weeks of this event, our intense Weekly Finals will become even more so with the additional prize money stacked on top. The winners of the final two weeks will also surpass any of our previous Weekly Final champions in prize earnings, making them the most important set of matches for every team at this event. So, if you thought Week Four seemed intense, imagine the fifth and sixth final where the money continues to multiply.

There were several interesting storylines playing out as the matches proceeded, like the success of Meta Gaming in their first Weekly Final of the event, or the fantastic start by Digital Athletics, who many had started to count out after three consecutive sub-par performances in the Weekly Survival. Accompanying those were a few unexpected and lackluster outings from a few of the most prominent names at this event. Thankfully, this is a lengthy tournament where the wins only become more important as we move along.


Ironically, the fight that ended Match 10 and determined our Week Four champion wasn’t the first clash between Zenith Esports and Digital Athletics this weekend. Before we take a look a the final fight between these two teams, let’s go back to Match 7 when our eventual Week Four champions snatched a Chicken Dinner, and the future first-place standing, away from DA.

Zenith Esports was down to one player with another knocked and was being held against the blue zone by Digital Athletics. Poonage was able to revive Kickstart to get Zenith back to two players, that revive would prove to be the difference in this fight. Zenith still needed to advance towards DA, who had control of the play zone and elevated terrain to fight from. At this point, everything appeared to be in Digital Athletics’ favor, but Zenith managed to flip the script and punish DA for allowing them to regroup and enter the zone. We didn’t know it at the time, but three rounds prior to our final match and we’re witnessing the moment Zenith Esports secured the Weekly Final 4 first-place prize.

It’s still surprising to see Zenith down to one player and be allowed to revive AND move into the zone directly beneath DA. In nearly no time at all, Digital Athletics had lost every advantage besides having an additional player still standing. That wouldn’t last long because Kickstart quickly eliminated one before finding both of the remaining DA players.

In their second clash, Zenith Esports would once again get the best of Digital Athletics, with the weight of more than a quarter-million dollars resting on the shoulders of all eight players.

It’s very obvious that this fight was calculated and drawn out by two teams who realized what was at stake. Any error by the opposing team could provide the opening needed to finish out the tournament in first. At the same time, one missed shot or misstep could seal the team’s second-place fate.

This is an ending we’ll look back on later this year because it’s rare to have both of the top two teams fighting for first place in the final match. Zenith Esports would come out on top in this round and take home the massive prize pool for Weekly Final #4, sending them to the top of the PGI.S Prize Money standings.


This match could be marked down as one of the most unique final zones we’ve seen at PGI.S so far! I haven’t thought of another zone that’s ended inside a large building like this but it provided an exciting finish to Match 1 to kick off the weekend.

Three teams were forced to enter the Church being held by Multicircle Gaming, but the difference-maker would be the position taken by EviLLee above in the rafters. As teams began to enter, he was able to rain down shots onto MCG’s enemies without them knowing exactly where to look. It was a great idea that worked perfectly and allowed MultiCircle Gaming to start off their weekend with a Chicken Dinner.


It wouldn’t be fair to Digital Athletics if I only mentioned ‘what could have been’ against Zenith Esports. After missing the first three Weekly Finals, DA advanced to the Week Four final and started to resemble the team we witnessed during PCS3: Europe. The team was taking control of zones and settling into the late-game round after round.

The team picked up their lone victory during Match 2 with some help from Myl of Petrichor Road.

DayTrade should have won this match, no questions asked. They were sitting in the best position with all four players standing against a solo and two from Digital Athletics. Somehow, Myl managed to knock two players from DayTrade, another was knocked taking fall damage for overstaying his welcome on the rooftop, and before you know it DA has the numbers advantage.

Digital Athletics found a way to survive the onslaught from DayTrade through this late-game and received some help from Myl on the opposite side of the circle. Without this win, there is a chance DA misses out on the top four placement and their well-earned prize money.


What better way to end a match than two North American squads going at it? Zenith Esports and Oath Gaming was our Match 3 feature as both teams fought for position in an open field on Erangel. The two teams traded blows as Zenith crossed the field using anything they could find for cover. After a couple of knocks onto Oath, Zenith made the call to push the two nearest players but would be caught in a crossfire and fall in second.

This victory sent Oath Gaming up into third place with seven matches left to play, but they would be unable to replicate their success through the remainder of Weekly Final #4.

Oath Gaming has quietly had one of the better showings of any Americas team since PGI.S began. Unfortunately, they haven’t found themselves inside the top-four at the end of the Weekly Final to cash in on their hard work. That said, the stakes are only growing by the day and Oath could be set up to win BIG during the final two weeks of play.


Tell me, where have we seen one of these before? Maybe Liquid fans can help me out. It doesn’t matter how many times we see a well-executed bridge camp, I will never get tired of these. Infantry delivered another instant classic with their set-up to catch T1 in rotation. Infantry had the pre-nades out and ‘9’ found two players almost immediately, this was the beginning of the end for T1 this match.

Infantry deserves all of the credit for this play but it’s a shame they were unable to do more with such a great start to this match. Just nine minutes into this match and Infantry had already picked up nine kills and were already on Sosnovka Island with plenty of loot. They would ultimately finish in sixth-place, only six points outside of the top-four.

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